hello rebecca

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hello rebecca

Postby groovybaby » 04 Sep 2011 15:49

hi there, i'm new and would like to say hello to everyone. :)

and hello rebecca, i paid for the fasttrack dream package but lost the download link before i had finished downloading it all :( i am a numpty. is it possible to can get me the link again please?

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Re: hello rebecca

Postby Mewie » 04 Sep 2011 16:23

Hello there, and welcome, groovybaby! :D
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Re: hello rebecca

Postby Rebecca » 06 Sep 2011 09:51

Hey groovy, welcome :)

I've PM'd you with the download link, and also sent you an email based on the one you used on PayPal. Hope you get it this time :D
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Re: hello rebecca

Postby Worldenterer1 » 07 Sep 2011 20:40


(My way of saying "hello")
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