Really poor Dream Recall

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Really poor Dream Recall

Postby KafriDon » 13 Sep 2011 10:48

Hi forum and lucid dreamers !!!
My major problem is that i never believed in dreams i was like "Fuck dreams they're useless,pointless " and thus i focused my mind on NEVER DREAMING WHEN SLEEPING which i learnt is not right because we all dream we just forget these dreams...Problem is rarely do i remember a dream ( roughly 1 per month ) and currently i can recall with little details only 1 vivid dream which i can't forget because it contained e very special person for me which now i wish i never met :roll:...Well the last 4 days i discovered Lucid Dreaming and been forcing myself to do reality checks nearly every half an hour , thinking about dreams,lucid dreaming,recalling my dreams even listening to binaural Theta frequencies from sites but ... nothing!I am impatient in my life but i think this process and in order for me to work needs time...I haven't tried any of the techniques WILD MILD etc yet cause usually i sleep 6-7 hours or so and don't want to disrupt my sleep...Any advice?? :?

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Re: Really poor Dream Recall

Postby Mewie » 13 Sep 2011 14:32

Hi. :D

Someone remembering their dreams better than others, but it's always something we can learn.
My dad can't remember any of his dreams, maybe 1 every second year. But he doesn't wanna learn it anyway. It's training and training, which takes time.

Berore I started training, I could remember maybe 3-4 dreams a week. Now I can remember 1-7 dreams a night, often 3 or 5. Last night I even remembered 7 dreams! Oh, and they're often more vivid than before. :)

First, get a dream journal. You need this, if you wanna get better. Write all your dreams down, detailed.

Before sleeping, tell yourself, that you're going to remember your dreams. Let it be your last thought before sleeping.

There's a lot more things to do. It's stupid to write it all here, when Rebecca tells it so great in her amazing articles.

I think you should read this:

Good luck, and have nice dreams! ;)
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