WILD Weekend!

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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WILD Weekend!

Postby fineganswaker » 21 Sep 2011 01:11

Well, more like a DILD weekend, actually--and this post dovetails with my "A couple of questions on WILD" post in the "Techniques" area (also--thanks, Ryan, for the comments over there--great stuff!).

The reason why I'm starting a new post is that I do have a number of LD control questions (at the bottom if you just wanna cut to the chase...)

So here's the weekend's scorecard:
-- Last Saturday morning I had an incredibly vivid LD.
-- Sunday morning I had two LDs (a first, with one of them involving a recurrent nightmare theme where I was asking a dream character to (at least partially) unravel some of it for me).
-- Monday morning I had three-count 'em--three LDs, although the third one was very dim.

Although these were DILDs, I was using WILD methods before falling asleep. Due to this, another non-lucid dream was actually very interesting--and was a funny missed opportunity. I was doing my own variation on the "White/Black Dot" method that LaBerge writes about in his section on WILDs. What I was doing was just concentrating on "seeing" a red dot while falling asleep. Soon afterward, I fell asleep and had a dream where I had given a relative of mine this red dot as a type of gift. My relative said it would probably look good under the drain spout of her house--and I responded, exasperated, with something like "How are you ever going to see it and become lucid when you've got it stuck under there!?" There was the dot, but I still didn't recognize it as a dreamsign and become lucid! :)

Another thing the WILD technique did for me was allow me to focus on--and fine tune--a lot of hypnogogic images and "dreamlets". It was crazy and weird and very cool and fascinating. Although I wasn't lucid, I could feel different types of infant dreams forming--with thin membranes between them. People would appear and speak to me, and then disappear. All I can say is it was really something!

Ok. Now to my question. All of the actual LDs I had were pretty short lived. In all of them I experienced a sudden pull (like a magnet or a vacuum) right back out into consciousness. These were not false awakenings/projections, as I did a number of critical state tests and saw that I was indeed fully awake.

Unfortunately, there was no time for spinning or other stabilizing techniques. Neither did I notice any fading of the scene into black and white, or "cartoonishness". Suddenly it was as if someone got out the sheep hook and pulled me right off the LD stage.

The fact that I was able to get back to sleep again and have another LD was, to say the least, a gift--but it was still a bummer to have this yank back into waking happen again in the next dream.

Any tips or ideas? I'm thinking that maybe the LDs were not particularly stable to begin with, and I probably should've done some spinning or something else when I became lucid. In one of the LDs however, I did consciously look at my hands (which looked completely normal to my surprise) to try and stabilize the scene; but the "yank" soon followed nevertheless.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Re: WILD Weekend!

Postby Ryan » 22 Sep 2011 15:14

So, tips on retaining your non-physical experience?

When I'm starting to feel myself waking up, the big thing I used to do was "SPIN"! Spin like a top... you won't get dizzy cause you're not physically spinning, but it'll ground and strengthen your presence in the non-physical.

There's the usual stuff too like rubbing your hands together. What this does is focuses your attention 100% within the non-physical reality... which also grounds and strengthens your connection there. It's like the reverse of what we do while we're "physically" awake. Our physical senses ground us in THIS physical reality. So the reverse holds true in the non-physical... I've personally tested it.

I found myself getting the usual "about to wake up" signal... so I focused my full attention on something within the non-physical reality around me. In essence, I "ignored" my physical body waking up and it gave up.

Also, try to be proactive with these skills... cause the amount of time between you sensing yourself waking up to when you actually do wake up is usually counted in SECONDS. So every so often rub your hands together or focus your attention entirely upon what you're doing within the non-physical and you should be able to have long, enjoyable, productive experiences. :)
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