The Drunken Mob

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The Drunken Mob

Postby Summerlander » 23 Sep 2011 16:04


I had a dream where me and my local butcher, were talking about Hinduism and the nature of reality. In waking life, this happens once in a while and always at his shop. In this dream, it was happening at his house (which I’ve never seen in reality). There were tiny green worms leaping about the front room and my attempts to swat them were futile. When I exited the house, ready to go home, I noticed that the residency resembled the butcher’s shop externally. Another anomaly was that, instead of the shop being on the main road, it was in an enclosed area like the one where I live. This absurdity made me lucid and the surroundings, which were a replica of the town where I live, settled on high definition.

I still rubbed my hands to establish a psychological anchor that would allow me to remain in that perceived reality for as long as possible. I ran down the main road and leapt a number of times before taking flight. After gaining some altitude, I darted through the atmosphere whilst scanning a sea of roofs and treetops. Eventually, I would come to land on all fours on a rooftop to feel the grainy surface of its tiles with my hands. I felt curious about what I could find inside the house so I decided to enter it by gliding towards a square-shaped barrier (a cross between a door and a window) made of glass on the lower deck.

I pushed the glassy barrier open to find a pub interior which included a large dance floor. I glided across the room and swerved around the bar area in order to go through double doors. On the other side, I found a wide corridor where a row of little windows on the left wall, and near the white ceiling, poured beams of light. Behind me, and to the right of the double doors, was the entrance to a highly reflective room whose position was a manifest impossibility as it would have superimposed on the existing bar area on the other side of the wall. I took a peek and realised that every wall, worktop and structured surface in that room was metallic. This gave me the impression that it was an inaccurate replica of my children’s school kitchen.

I felt a presence behind me and turned to find an old lady of short stature smiling at me. She wore an apron that covered most of her plump figure and her hair was grey and trim. I ordered her to get me a chocolate and mint mousse as I rubbed my hands again to maintain the phase. She walked away in silence and disappeared in the kitchen. I returned to the barroom through the double doors in order to wait for the dinner lady to bring me the mousse. Being aware that resting in the phase can lead to a foul, I kept active by palpating an ashtray that caught my attention.

In hindsight, there was no need for me to wait for my dessert because I could have just gone back through the double doors to find the dinner lady with my mousse ready to be eaten. Oddly, it didn’t occur to me at the time that rules like waiting can be broken in dreamland.

Unexpectedly, a rowdy crowd barged into the pub through a set of double doors opposite the ones that had led me to the dinner lady previously. It is worth mentioning that a distinct change occurred the minute they came into the scene. The phase seemed to have galvanically blossomed with life as it intensified visually and auditorily. A barman was now serving alcohol and I no longer held an ashtray.

Not everyone was a stranger there. Familiar faces came to me and closely matched the appearance of old friends from university. The most memorable one was Simon from Gillenham, Kent. He kept trying to persuade me to drink. I ignored Simon and started feeling up the hair and faces of several characters present within a short radius. I felt like I was chasing moving props as none of the characters reacted to my palpation of them.

After a while, I felt a trap that would lure me into a dream narrative and diminish my lucidity was unfolding. I exited the barroom through the double doors leading back to the corridor, in order to get my mousse, but the dinner lady never showed up. The drunken mob from the other room came after me and tried to persuade me to drink. There were now tables and chairs along the corridor and more people. There were now groups of people sitting and standing and some were doing more talking than drinking.

The mob behind me seemed strong and I feared that they would push me onto the people who sat nearby. This is exactly what happened and I found myself apologising to a black woman after spilling her wine and falling on top of her. I decided to get away from the kerfuffle by gliding away from the scene through the first and second set of double doors where I discovered another barroom full of people.

I found my youngest son sat on a stool and looking at me. I paused to look at him as I was astounded by the accuracy in which the phase simulated him. This pause caused me to fall asleep in that state. When I woke up, it was 6.30am. I could have re-entered the phase but I had to get ready to go out soon and didn’t want to risk oversleeping.
"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

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