Different Ways to Fly

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby Snaggle » 23 Dec 2011 06:43

What a touching romantic way to fly alucidlife. TY for sharing. Personally I raise my arms and flap my fingers to fly- much more comical than your method. For insightful dreams I had a recurring nightmare where I was a werewolf hunter trying to save a town from a werewolf, in which I look into a lake only to see that my own reflection is that of the werewolf I'm hunting. These nightmares taught me that I had become what I had fought in real life to protect others (human versions of werewolves rather than real werewolves ;) ). so sad to need to be told that in nightmares again and again.
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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby SydTheCat » 26 Dec 2011 04:59

When I was younger, I always had a hard time flying. I would fly like superman, and then I would crash. So I read in Robert Waggoner's book a new technique, and the other night I finally got to try it and it works great. While in the air, look at where you want to go, and say out loud " i want to go there" and immediately you get pulled toward it. In my dream I pointed both my arms at where I wanted to go. I said the words and I flew right to it with ease. I then did it again, and it worked perfectly.

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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby lucidinthe sky » 03 Jan 2012 18:44

My last flight a week ago was on my back in the night sky, head first. I was instantly flying with almost no effort. I had no idea where I was going, but it felt so incredible it didn't really matter. Just to feel the sensations of flying are fantastic!
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Swimming Bird
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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby Swimming Bird » 03 Jan 2012 22:59

I flew like I was iron-man once, had little control then phased through the ground onto a beach. I met a girl without a face but I still knew she was beautiful someway ... we played on the beach and the sand was so tan and warm.

I woke up and almost felt like I was in love. I was lucid at first, but lost my control after I phased through. I was sad it was just a dream.

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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby Toby » 04 Jan 2012 16:33

Hi Alissa,

you asked about meditation in LD. I already tried, but not recently. And it had something do with flying, so maybe you're interested in. Some years ago I was flying over the valley where I live in a LD. As always in flying over this valley in my dreams, the sun rises and the air is slightly cold and refreshing. As I had this dream very often, one time I was a little bored and thought about what to do next. Then it came to me to meditate. I took a lotus seat in midair - which I unfortunate can't do comfortably while waking. :D Then I tried to think of nothing at all. There was the sun in front of me and then somehow it was also inside of me. It was a strong and beautiful experience. Now that I think of it, a could try do do it again...

I also once in another LD had the feeling of being pulled upward. It continued for some time. Then suddenly for a moment I felt that I understand the whole universe, and that I could write it down if only I had something to write. The next moment, I was wide awake and all the knowledge about everything gone, yet it was also one of my most impressive LD. But to be honest, right afterwards I was really scared. For I thought, well, that can't be normal to have such feeling, even while sleeping. Perhaps I'm going mad. :o But this dream was some years ago and as far as I can see, I didn't go mad...

Have beautiful dreams, Toby

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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby Peter » 04 Jan 2012 19:10

I get the feeling of being pulled up in a LD quite ofter ( a few times a year) and it used to be filled with dread until I learned to just go with it and see where I end up. I also wonder if it SP within a dream
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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby Lauri92 » 19 Jan 2012 05:18

The imagination plays a big role in our lives however I suppose that by imaging something we go away from the present real life
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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby Chrispy » 27 Jan 2012 08:30

Personally, I just put on a red cape and I'm airborne. Of course, that's probably just the nerd in me surfacing. :P
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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby SarahDank » 27 Jan 2012 09:34

When I was younger I needed to Jump and do a flip to start flying.
I may have to make things more interesting now though.
Maybe Ill try something like Iron man... hahaha

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Re: Different Ways to Fly

Postby Chrispy » 28 Jan 2012 06:18

lol, Iron Man would be awesome to try!
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