sleep deprivation due to waking ups after dreaming

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sleep deprivation due to waking ups after dreaming

Postby etranger73 » 01 Oct 2011 12:03

Hello fellow dreamers,
A few years ago I paracticed Lucid Dreaming quite successfully. I had wonderful lucid dreams.
I stopped practicing because I would automatically wake up after a so called "normal dream", sometimes 6 times almost every night!! (It depends whether I had a lucid dream or not). It basically ruined my every day waking life as I would feel tired with no energy left whatsoever.

Now, Lucid Dreaming is important for me, so I started to practice again with nice results, but then again, those "waking ups" after "normal dreams" (not lucid dreams) distrub me a lot. I wish I could train my subconscience mind to wake up once or twice every night, that would be sufficient for my dream journal, don't you think?

Does this happen to you too? I mean, is this familiar to you, and if so, what do you do about it?
I would appreciate a "solid" answers from your experiences and thoughts.

Thanks a lot,

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Re: sleep deprivation due to waking ups after dreaming

Postby jamjam » 01 Oct 2011 16:00

Yes it happens to me too! I use this as a great tool for a wake induced lucid dream. You can learn this method on the lucid dreaming blog.

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Re: sleep deprivation due to waking ups after dreaming

Postby stormsyr » 08 Aug 2012 06:53

Oh gosh. Yes, this happens to me. This happens A LOT! I find myself waking up about a dozen times or so EVERY night. Even before I knew about lucid dreaming. I used to take sleeping pills. I've tried just about everything, it works for a few days, then I just start waking up again all the time.

It gets to the point that I end up sleeping 16 hours a day just TRYING to get enough sleep that i'm not exhausted all day long. I have constant bags under my eyes whether I sleep 1, 5, 10, or 20 hours in a day. (Yes, i've slept 20 before).

I believe that I wake up before some of the more important cycles(I don't know names, new to the whole dreaming thing). I feel like all I do is dream at night, so I think lucid dreaming will be great once I can do it :) if i'm going to wake up a dozen times(peculiarly I tend to wake up every hour on the hour. 3:20, 4:23, 5:30, 6:27, etc. Upto about 5 times in a row sometimes) The only thing i've learned is once I realize i'm waking, or woken, to immediately go back or it can take me another 5-15 to get back to sleep. Very frustrating.

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Re: sleep deprivation due to waking ups after dreaming

Postby Peter » 08 Aug 2012 08:35

when you wake up if you can dont open your eyes and dont move around too much, just quietly go back to sleep. Its quite normal to wake many times and a lot of people get these micro awakenings and dont even know. So dont sweat about it just go back to sleep and even if this works for half of the times you will feel better. Again try not to open your eyes, this is the key to it
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