Alien Abduction

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Alien Abduction

Postby Summerlander » 01 Oct 2011 20:28


Today, I managed to record a series of vivid dreams and a phase experience (OOBE/AP/LD) which seem to reflect where my mind has been lately. The dream and phase content apparently relate to each other and provide clues about how my mind handles the selection of thoughts. I gathered the following from today’s metaphysical journey: unknown; fear; transformation; change; and a need for companionship. Dreaming of aliens and transmutations in my case seems to convey those elements pretty well, and, the fact that my wife accompanied me when I played the observer, reflects how much I need her and enjoy having her around.

Yes, dreams are like mirrors that reflect what goes on in our minds, and, the reflections are translations of thoughts in focus. It is also clear that, particularly in the phase and dream states, the same translation mechanism which enables us to perceive the external world when we are awake applies. This particular phase experience felt like an overall report on the current status. I was given the impression that my computerised brain had filed away a certain combination of thoughts (creating a mental world/scenery) during the waking state with the purpose of reviewing such data at a later stage in different states of consciousness (dream and phase states).

The phase also emphasised for me the choices made by the ego based on the control gain in lucidity. I’m going to be working more hours and this means less time with my family. I don’t know what the future holds and at the moment I’m testing the waters so to speak. Before bedtime, I rehearsed a seven-step plan of action for the phase for half an hour. It is worth mentioning that making contact with aliens was the very last step and the only one that would be realised on this occasion. As I recorded the experience, I wondered if my mind had started working on my plan of action in reverse, or, the thought of aliens randomly manifested its presence in the phase space.

The earliest dream, as far as I recall on this particular night, was a semi-vague one where some sort of gooey matter was incorporated into another one. Internally, the goo commenced a process of inflation that would stretch the substance that encased it. The word “incorporated” was used because that is what I thought at the time. As I wrote about this in my journal, a possible association with waking life crossed my mind. Recently, I joined a company (or corporation) which bought the rights to another one. This company is also expanding in the gaming industry. In conclusion: change. It also means that my lifestyle changes (a little or a lot).

Finally, me and Stacey observe horns perforating a humanoid from within, as though another organism was coming through. At the same time, there was a sense of horror, betrayal, and fear in a mishmash of thoughts as I gradually regained physical awareness in bed. It was 4.30am when I recorded what I could remember, and, as I stood up to use the toilet, I had a refreshing stretch. I breathed deeply and shook myself in order to reduce the groggyness. I went over my plan of action in my head before going back to bed at 5.05am to induce the phase state.

I fell asleep and had another dream more vivid than the previous one. Me and Stacey were in our room and heard aeroplanes flying overhead. We looked out the window and saw two objects in the night sky: one was a conventional aircraft and the other was a spinning cylindrical oddity with rows of hatches. As the unidentified flying object gained distance from the house, it appeared to commence a descent and grew larger by twice its initial size. I remarked to Stacey that it was probably a spaceship from another planet and that it looked like the extraterrestrials were intent on landing. The object vanished and we went to bed. I thought it was all real.

I awoke in sleep paralysis and experienced irregular hissing in my brain. I tried to move but the atonicity in my state was deeply set. Eventually, vibrations ensued and my phantom body was gripped by the legs by an unseen agent. I was then positioned at an angle that would facilitate my rise from the bed accompanied by a sensation of separation from the body.

I knew I was in the phase even though the bedroom looked the same. In my lucid state, as I passed through the wall like a ghost to explore the outdoor world, I remembered the strange aircraft that was observed in my previous dream. The scenery outside was not what was expected. It was all ruins under a dark sky and a monument that can only be best described as a sculped pig stood out. An invisible force exerts its control over me and gradually pulls me upwards.

Whilst rubbing my hands to maintain the phase, I looked up to see where I was going and realised that I was being beamed up towards a humongous circular object with a shiny centre. Immediately, I thought of it as an alien spacecraft. After a lapse of concentration, I found myself lying down naked and strapped to a metallic platform. I was confused as to how I got there and fear crept up inside me. The reality of what surrounded me was uncanny.

A group of foetus-like creatures possessing huge bulbous heads observed me in silence. Their appearance was horrid and their callousness didn’t help matters. They had piercing dark eyes which were slightly slanted and their wrinkly slender bodies displayed a greyish brown complexion.

I was terrified as it crossed my mind that they could be real and started screaming when one of the beings lowered a large drill-like machine from above. The machine’s twirling bit perforated my stomach, and, despite feeling an uncomfortable pressure in that area while vibrating violently, I felt no pain. The machine continued to hum, like there was some sort of active generator inside, and I begged the aliens to leave me alone.

I regained awareness of my physical body lying in bed coupled with a mild vibrational state. I wanted to snapped out of it because I was afraid of being abducted by those aliens again. The vibrations dwindled but I was still unable to move. Subsequently, vision manifested and I wasn’t sure if I had simply opened my eyes. I could see the bedroom and Melody, my daughter, walking in to get into bed with us. I was oddly suspicious of her as part of me felt that an imposter was pretending to be my daughter. This paranoia made me think about the aliens again and I got goosebumps. Immediately, I did my best to block that thought as Melody walked around the bed and over to her mother’s side. As I observed her, I noticed that our son Alfred was already in bed with us.

Suddenly, the light from the hallway, which partially illuminated our bedroom, dimmed out, and, strange flashes revealed alien-shaped silhouettes around the bed. I wished it all away and wanted to snuggle up to Stacey, but, for whatever reason, found it extremely difficult. Perhaps I was paralysed by fear even though the vision was gone. Wakefulness didn’t last as I felt extremely tired and allowed myself to fall asleep.

Next, I had a very intense vivid dream which dwelt in the boundaries between the rational and the illogical. The scenes transmuted a lot and I was the observer as a floating point of consciousness. There was an individual being serially abducted by aliens. Even though I was able to observe the dream events from different angles, I reasoned that I was watching a film. This made-up justification within the dream is what prevented me from becoming lucid.

I had an impression of Stacey with me, and, even though I couldn’t see nor hear her, I commented with her on what was happening. At one point, the abductee was surrounded by aliens in a bathroom as he stood crying in front of a mirror. He screams and turns into one of them. The aliens taser the man, now turned alien, and his flesh becomes crystalline in appearance. Then, they move closer, and, using their telekinetic power, shatter the statue that was once a man. Shards on the floor morph into more aliens and one of them turns into the abductee in his original form.

In a different scene, I observe the man waking up in an MRI machine. I get a close-up of his head and realise that it is shaped like a computer monitor with his face jutting out through the screen. Suddenly, I acquire X-ray vision that enables me to see inside his artificial-looking head. Behind his eyes and inside the monitor, a third eye could be seen. He shut his normal eyes while the third one opened wide. The whole thing began to look like a meticulously designed hologram with a mysterious purpose. To my side, I felt Stacey’s presence and commented to her about the possibility that the man’s third eye might be responsible for his alien abduction experiences.

I realise now that I was really explaining that to myself in the dream state and possibly as a means to cope with what I had experienced earlier in the phase. In the end, the man realised that his experiences were a product of the mind and he was happy. I woke up in the vibrational state and my head hissed. I snapped out of the state as I became aware that I needed to get up and get ready to go to work.

I briefly recounted my experience to Stacey as I got dressed. We got the kids ready for school and prepared breakfast.

When the kids sat at the table to eat, Melody told Stacey that she had a bad dream where aliens came into our house. Was that a coincidence or had she heard me giving Stacey an account of what I had experienced? I ruled out a real alien abduction because I knew I had been in the phase, however, the theory of telepathy between me and my daughter crossed my mind.

I wanted to ask her about her dream but didn’t have much time. I wondered if in her dream she decided to come to our room to feel safe. A few days later she told me about the dream. The aliens had come into the house from the back garden and she never sought refuge by coming into our bedroom. I asked her to draw what she saw and she produced an image that apparently shows two grey figures coming into our house and the spaceship is the area that surrounds it.

Because she had picked the colours and depicted the aliens as being grey, I asked her if that was the colour of their skin. She said they were grey but moments later she told her mother that the aliens were green and the reason why she used grey was because she couldn’t find a green pencil.

Here is my 4-year-old daughter's picture:

"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

- Padmasambhava

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