Learn a skill in a LD?

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Learn a skill in a LD?

Postby Nocturnal » 08 Oct 2011 06:42

In real life, I was watching a video on how to split an apple in half with your bare hands. Later that night, I dreamed that I actually did it in front of some of my friends... Very cool.

The next day I tried it in real life but couldnt do it! Could Lucid Dreaming be a valuable method of learning skills?

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Re: Learn a skill in a LD?

Postby Toby » 10 Oct 2011 15:23


Yes it could. I read some study of a guy from Heidelberg University who does research on lucid dreaming to improve performance at sports. And he says it works. I sometimes practiced tai chi in LD, but it's not that an extraordinary experience. Once I had a lucid dream where I learned to light a candle by pure power of will, and the teacher was the Dalai Lama. That was a cool dream. But unfortunately, it doesn't work when awake. :cry:

Bye, Toby

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