Characters in your dreams

How to control and prolong lucid dreams, increase the intensity, work with dream characters, and communicate with the subconscious.
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Characters in your dreams

Postby dtommy79 » 30 Apr 2011 20:48

Just out of curiosity, what characters, persons do you have in your dreams?

Have you ever met any extraordinary person?

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Re: Characters in your dreams

Postby dream_walker » 02 May 2011 16:31

I met Christian Bale a few nights back. I'm a hundred percent sure it's because I fell asleep watching The Fighter. It was Christian & myself sitting amongst a bunch of people I didn't know on a couch in a venue I had never been to. I asked him if he would step aside & tell me what it takes to be an actor but I don't remember our conversation. I had a very similar dream with Johnny Depp after leaving Public Enemies in my dvd player as I slept for like a week. Kind of ironic they are both in that film. Maybe movies could be a guide for more exciting dream scenes...

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Re: Characters in your dreams

Postby Wolvendeer » 02 May 2011 18:28

I can't say that I have met any dream characters that anyone else would describe as extraordinary, but I do have quite the family of dream characters, among them a family of dragons and a wife who happens to be an assassin. :)

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Re: Characters in your dreams

Postby Dreamgal » 16 May 2011 04:38

The most extraordinary characters I've met in dreams are usually famous one like Brad Pitt or Matthew Fox :D

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Re: Characters in your dreams

Postby Dreamsphere » 16 May 2011 15:52

If a celeb shows up, it is usually Will Smith. There was one where we were buddies and had a secret handshake that was awesome. That was many years ago. He showed up very briefly the other night. I dont know why it is him, i mean, he is a solid actor, but i dont idolize him or anything!
I am an Engineering student, and have yet to experience a lucid dream. Currently on break, I am hoping to try and master the technique as it will give me some peace during the busy school year. Any advice or links are appreciated. Feel free to pm me.

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