Been Lucid dreaming for about 30 years....

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Been Lucid dreaming for about 30 years....

Postby jpop » 09 Oct 2011 23:36


I am 40 years old and have been lucid dreaming all my life!

I have never looked into it but after a dream i had the other night i thought i would check this out.....this was the first site that came up :) ..... up until about 10 years ago i would not have said i was lucid dreaming but having terrible realistic nightmares but i have managed to control this now.

I have always had a problem getting to sleep and most of the lucid dreams i have experienced have happened about 5 hours+ after trying to get to mind is still active but my body is tired and i feel like my mind has just switched in an instant from being wakened to starting lucid dreaming.

As i said i always thought it was the beginning of a nightmare, the first thing i experenced was my body being pinned down to my bed and when i tried to wake up i would feel this really uncomfortable feeling that something was digging into my ribs and i would scream in my dream.

Now i just let myself "melt" into the dream.....there is no point resisting....only on a few occassions have i managed to stop myself lucid dreaming and woke back up, and i can do flying.....etc. But have never looked into it any further.

That's my story.....sounds weird eh?

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Re: Been Lucid dreaming for about 30 years....

Postby MiaSnow » 30 Oct 2011 07:14

the pinned down part is probably sleep paralysis, which is a natural part of the sleep cycle.

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Re: Been Lucid dreaming for about 30 years....

Postby Peter » 30 Oct 2011 08:58

my story is about same, dreaming like that all my life but turned it to advantage many years ago. The pressure in the back is sleep paralysis and it can be accompanied by visions (rem intrusions in waking life) all pretty scary until you work out what it is. Horrid before the net as it was just isolation and not easy to get info but pretty easy now.
Not weird just normal for those that can..

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