AWESOME, but short Lucid!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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AWESOME, but short Lucid!

Postby j27reyes » 10 Oct 2011 08:09

So 2 weeks ago, I had another lucid dream which is my third one I believe. I never really plan on having a lucid dream it just kinda happens but I still do think about it and pray I have one almost every night! I learned about lucidity not too long ago and since then I have them more than I did before which isn't alot--like I said this is my third one that I can remember Lol. I had one years ago when I was still a little girl that I can still remember.
Anyway, it started out as me just laying in bed as if Ive woken up in the middle of the night. The bathroom light is on and I knew my bf is sleeping right next to me(we sleep together every night) but I never actually see him. I somehow could tell I was in a dream and I decided to fidget and move around from side to side as I was laying down and the pillows, sheets and covers weren't moving at all(I was laying under the sheets) and I didn't wake my bf up so that confirmed I was in a dream It was almost like I was a ghost cause nothing moved around me when I moved.. I was thinking of getting up and looking in the mirror but for some reason I didn't want to cause I was scared I was gonna see something scary and turn my dream into a nightmare. So I decided to pinch myself(which I learned to do on this website :D ) and I didn't feel it!!! I was soo excited. The last time I lucid I actually woke up in the middle of it cause I was so excited and it felt so real I almost made myself wake cause I was scared I was sleepwalking or acting out what Im doing as Im asleep or something! Back to my dream, for some reason I was really scared that something bad is going to happen like satan is gonna come out and turn my dream into a nightmare. I closed my eyes and started thinking of happy thoughts. I started thinking of rainbows and strawberry ice cream Lol i dont know why theyre the first I could come up with cause I was rushing to think of happy thoughts to not be scared anymore! And I kid you not all of a sudden I felt a sudden rush of cold air--it felt so real. It was like I was in the middle of a blizzard but it felt amazing I was not cold at all but I knew it was freezing. Then I started smelling strawberries the strongest scent of strawberries Ive ever smelled in my life!!!! I opened my mouth and I tasted strawberries in the air. I stretched out my arms and just enjoyed it---my eyes were still closed-- they were the whole time. My conscious mind still went back to my bf sleeping right next to me and I thought I was gonna wake him up lol. Anyway, I woke up from that point. It was awesome. I want to lucid dream again. Hopefully next time I can reassure myself the my physical body is going to stay put and its all in my dream :)

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Re: AWESOME, but short Lucid!

Postby MiaSnow » 21 Oct 2011 06:29

I admire how you changed the negative & scary to strawberry sweet!

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