Meditation and lucid dreaming

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Meditation and lucid dreaming

Postby dtommy79 » 30 Apr 2011 20:52

Is there anyone who does both?

Is there any benefit of practicing both meditation and lucid dreaming? I mean, can one of them improve the other?

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Re: Meditation and lucid dreaming

Postby Ancient » 01 May 2011 06:12

They are very similar experiences, so meditating will familiarize you with what dreams feel like, increasing your chances of becoming lucid.
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Re: Meditation and lucid dreaming

Postby Wolvendeer » 02 May 2011 18:37

I can't offer any definitive answer, but at the very least, depending on your meditation style, meditation should lead to an increased awareness, and awareness is the root of lucidity.

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Re: Meditation and lucid dreaming

Postby Shade » 04 May 2011 01:07

As i tend to prefer WILD i have found that Meditation is extremely helpful in retaining awareness. Just simple breathing meditation will do the trick. I believe the Owner Rebecca has an article on meditation on the main site. You should go check it out :P


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