Lucid Spinning ~from my journal

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Lucid Spinning ~from my journal

Postby MiaSnow » 20 Oct 2011 10:22

i'm in a cluttered house with low ceilings, alot of crap laying around, and a bunch of ppl, mostly guys. it seems to be a party & i'm not sure why i'm here, they aren't my friends, i dont know any of them and they seem young maybe early 20s. i mill about the crowd and look for an exit. every time i think i'm near the door its either blocked or leads to someplace i've already been in the house. i'm perplexed. i keep finding the same few rooms tho i'm travelling thru long winding hallways that make me utterly confused. i end up in a doctor's 'office; in the back. its weird and an odd place for a dr office i think. the nurse takes control of me and tells me to hop up on the counter. she informs me that i have a 'rather large lump' on the bottom of my left breast. i'm freaked out and devastated. the room changes a bit. i see Stephanie. i look in her eyes and somehow i realize this is a lucid dream. i excitedly say "Stephanie, wake up right now and call me! this is a lucid dream!" she smiles at me calmly and looks at me with knowing eyes. i realize she's aware we're dreaming too. she says "i think you'll be OK in 2 months" and with this i'm elated. i feel so great and happy. i say "lets DO something! let's fly!"

we hold hands and lift into the air. i see the moon and say "let's fly to the moon!" we try to accelerate going upwards but holding hands creates drag, so we part. i say i'm not very good at flying yet. i fly on to an open area, public park. its a beautiful sunny day and a very large fat man is laying on the ground shirtless sunning himself. i'm full of zest and trying to find things to do. i ask if i can jump on him. he looks up smiling big and says "well sure!" so i hop on his tummy with both feet and jump. he's squishy and not as trampoline-like as i expected. i fly on. there's a fenced field where i think some skeet shooting is going on. something flys past the fence out to where i am. then a tiny pink frisbee-like object is thrown to me. i catch it. it seems technological, maybe otherworldly but i do not analyze it, and just throw it like a frisbee, but it doesnt soar like i intended. i keep going.

i'm concerned about losing lucidity and feel it fading, so i decide to try spinning which really works! i open my eyes to find myself in a completely new location! its a city and theres alot of hustle bustle. ppl everywhere walking talking, seems like a ballgame has just gotten out. i spin again.

i'm back at the house with the party. since i know its a dream, i lean into 1 of the guys and snuggle in to him flirtaciously. i can tell he's kinda like WTF but i dont care.and no one is making fun of him or anything like i expect. i look down at my body and am also surprised to see its just the same as RL. i know the guy wouldnt really want such a random chubster girl leaning on him RL, not in front of his friends like this. one of the guys seems older than the rest. its his house and he seems to be always near. he's always heading towards me and i always move along. i dont want to be alone with him or talk with him, but he seems important. i try to get out of his house again but same thing as before, i get lost, so i spin.

i'm outdoors again, sunny day. there is a festival or game going on. i go to a tented booth. i see some flowers on top of a cabinet and want to smell them. i hop on top of the cabinet and realize i'm very feline-like in a dream... very active and inquisitive. i pick the flowers up and am disheartened to find them to be fake. i smell them anyway and find no smell. i am sort of bored with my surroundings. wondering why its all so bland and normal, and even dirty and cluttered in some cases, like the house. its all so normal and i'm wanting something more. so i spin again. i really spin, give it my all. i keep spinning until i feel a certain feeling that lets me know i've arrived someplace very different. i open my eyes and wow yea, i've definately someplace different! its dark. i'm behind a 'door' that opens top and bottom like a mouth. water drips from it as i see we're floating on dark water. the craft i'm in has been submerged. i walk out onto the water to shore. its night here. theres a bright light i walk towards, but i cant understand what it is and then i reach the shore and the light is gone. there is dark dirt that seems to be freshly overturned and i feel like maybe i'm at a gravesite. its very otherworldly here and kind of creepy. i spin again and find myself in a warehouse. the guy is there with only a couple of friends this time. it seems to be where he works. there is equipment everywhere, seems like a mechanic shop or something industrial. i get lost in the cooridors here too. he always seems to be on my tail. i keep going.

at some point i'm outside again and on a busy road. i feel fearless and decide to play dodge with a car since i know i cant really get hurt. i see a big truck barreling my way and stand in front of it, but chicken out last second and move out of the way. suddenly i'm driving a vehicle and play dodge, going down the road the wrong way. cars swerve left and right and i'm weaving in and out of traffic like a pro racecar driver. someone is in the passenger seat and is terrified by my driving. i just laugh, and tho i know we cant get hurt it is still a rush and a thrill. i think (in the dream) that i better not get too used to it because i dont want to lose track of reality while i'm driving RL and do the same thing!

i'm back in the warehouse cooridors, trying to find my way out, realizing wow this place is persistantly maze-like. it feels like its part of the guy's house too. i look around and cant get over how grungy everything is and wonder why i'm not someplace nicer.

i'm now on a path outside in the woods and i see some bedding laying on the ground. i hear smacking sounds, and realize i'm getting closer to waking up. i'm aware the blankets represent me in bed asleep, and i['m aware the smacking is my dog at the end of the bed. i think i want to stay and not wake up yet. but before anything else can happen, my BF comes to wake me up. gently like usual and i wake with a smile on my face!

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Re: Lucid Spinning ~from my journal

Postby Jenny Helen » 28 Oct 2011 21:08

Wow, now that's what i call a dream!! :D Sounds like you had a fun night!
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Re: Lucid Spinning ~from my journal

Postby franglie » 17 Dec 2016 11:39

Hi, new from Australia and I have very strange that I am in shopping mall and trying to buy the baby bedding of some specific, I just forget its name, I think its Living Textiles and its a day of Christmas. Do not you think its little strange!
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Re: Lucid Spinning ~from my journal

Postby Philoni » 18 Dec 2016 07:29

franglie wrote:Hi, new from Australia and I have very strange that I am in shopping mall and trying to buy the bedding of some specific, I just forget its name, I think its Aura Home and its a day of Christmas. Don't you think its little strange!

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