Meeting Superman

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Meeting Superman

Postby Summerlander » 26 Oct 2011 20:24


I was on a coach travelling down a motorway. The passengers chattered in American accents so I assumed that I must have gone to America on holidays. It occurred to me, however, that when I go to work by bus I usually think about lucid dreaming and perform reality checks, and, on this occasion, I realised that I had no memory of how I got there and no knowledge of where I was going. “I must be dreaming” - I thought, and began to rub my hands excitedly at the prospect of a new adventure in the phase.

I began to float and impressed the passengers. That made me feel like a great illusionist that people admired. Suddenly, I was surrounded by children who were eager to fly with me. I picked up a little blonde girl that looked like my neighbour’s daughter Libby, and, as I held her in my arms, I flew out of the coach by passing through one of its windows like a ghost. I flew with this Libby-like character alongside the coach and could hear its passengers cheering. Flashes of light from the windows indicated that some of them were taking pictures too.

The panoramic view of that dreamscape persuaded me to fly away from the coach and towards an urban area in the distance. The phase ambience was vivid and bright, and the cloudless blue sky roused happiness in me. I could feel a delicate breeze and the girl in my arms was weightless. As I flew by tree crowns, twigs brushed my face without scratching. I plucked a leaf off a branch and experienced the realism of rubbing it with my index and thumb. I used it to maintain the phase during flight.

After having some difficulty with flight manoeuvrability, I landed in front of a building that resembled a bank and let “Libby” go. I passed through its double doors and discovered a mismatching interior. What surrounded me appeared to be the inside of a vast mansion that I wasted no time in exploring. I glided through a gloomy corridor and carefully observed something moving in the distance. It turned out to be the silhouette of a man in a wheelchair who was slowly approaching. When the man was a couple of yards away, I recognised him to be Christopher Reeve, who, despite showing good spirits, had blood dripping from his mouth. He greeted me cheerfully and continued past me. I tried to catch up with him and called out his name but he was incredibly fast. I fouled and remained still for a while as my head sizzled.

I got up hoping that that had been an act of separation from the body. I was half-blind as I stood by the bed and my wife tried to persuade me to lay back down. I told her to wait as I was suspicious about the state I was in and performed the pinched nose reality check. Even though my nostrils were blocked, I could still breathe. I still had a lingering doubt about being in the phase and thought that perhaps I wasn’t pinching my nose properly. I pinched it even harder to find that I could still breathe perfectly and this was enough to convince me that I was in a dream world.

Perfect vision ensued to reveal a flamboyantly coloured bedroom environment which was very untidy in contrast with the one in actuality. I ran to the nearest window, which was open, and climbed onto its ledge. There were several objects on the window ledge and one of them was a teddy bear that I had never seen before. These objects were accidentally knocked by my feet and fell out of the window. Moon-like gravity seemed to exert their gradual fall and I watched as they bounced on the pavement below.

I jumped out of the window, landed gently on the ground, and scanned the dream version of the area I live in. There were no parked cars in sight when in reality there are always vehicles parked in their designated spaces. An ambient and psychedelic type of music, which seemed to pervade the phase space, commenced at that point and was to remain throughout the experience. Later, in wakefulness, this music would inspire me to compose a piece in guitar tablature.

I entered my neighbour Helen’s house in order to investigate and see if her ground floor was any different to what it’s really like but it looked the same. I have never seen what her upper floor is like so I was curious about what I would find upstairs in the phase. The upper level was similar to my mother’s house interior - in fact, it was strangely familiar. In a slightly off replica of my mother’s bedroom, I saw Helen half-asleep. Suddenly, she seemed to sense my presence and appeared to be confused. I felt like I was in a parallel universe where Helen was the owner of that room instead of my mother.

I regained physical awareness as the phase and the music that came with it faded. I looked at the clock. It was 9.30am. I jotted down the experience and grabbed my acoustic guitar in order to reproduce the music I had heard in the phase. I also remembered that I few days ago I had watched a program about celebreties and their untimely deaths. Christopher Reeve, the actor most famous for having played Superman, was one of them.
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