--Someone Help-- not sure what happened

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--Someone Help-- not sure what happened

Postby j1x1n » 26 Oct 2011 22:56

im very new to lucid dreaming and i've never had one, and the other night at about 8pm i went to bed and decided i would try to perform a WILD. I think i may have gotten somewhere, but im not precisely sure what happened was supposed to happen or not.

1. i laid there for over 2 hours solid, almost 2 and a half, without moving at all except for my swallowing and random muscle twitches. i started to go numb and couldn't feel my arms or legs anymore (which felt very weird, and similar to a lead blanket being on me).

2. i was COMPLETELY awake during this whole entire time, trying to focus and relax and let my body fall asleep while keeping my mind awake.

3. during this whole time i didnt have an urge to move my body AT ALL, but i had a lot of random itches all over my body that i had to really concentrate on not going after. (i think this is what kept me from reaching the WILD state)

4. i experienced some mild hypnagogia, and towards the end my left big toe felt like it was being squeezed really hard and hurt like hell, but i still didnt move.

5. once it was ALL over (because i had an alarm set for about 10) i reached over and turned off the alarm. to my extreme surprise i could hardly move my arms at all. This was the closest i have ever had to feeling sleep paralysis to the point of not being able to move. then i turned on my side and i found it even harder to get my legs to cooperate with me.

Now, once this was all done with, i sort of gave up and tried to go to sleep. but i couldnt! i tried and tried and tried until about 4 a.m. and finally fell asleep.. im not sure why it was so hard, because i can usually get to sleep very fast. could someone tell me what i did wrong? or just some advice? :?

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Re: --Someone Help-- not sure what happened

Postby Snaggle » 04 Nov 2011 10:34

The first thing you're doing wrong is mixing up what happens in the sleep process. To have a WILD one just relaxes while keeping the mind alert. One then goes into a light dream state that one can come out of my opening ones eyes or trying to move, from there one enters sleep paralysis which breaks into deep sleep aka rem sleep almost instantly. During a normal Wake induced lucid dream one never experiences any "lead blanket". It's also obvious you're not really relaxing and letting a WILD happen; but trying to force it and force it into a false mold. I've been able to do WILDS all my life and they happened spontaneously before I induced them consciously.
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