Anyone tried Lucid Dreaming Adventures CDs?

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Anyone tried Lucid Dreaming Adventures CDs?

Postby xanthier » 31 Oct 2011 08:42

This is from Bradley Thompson who also offers a kit online. And now offers these CDs for inducing specific kinds of lucid dreams?

That is the site. I wasn't sure if linking was permitted, so I removed the http

I know Rebecca had a review linked, but the page never came up. I can't find 3rd party reviews anywhere and I'd like to hear something before I invest money into it.

Rebecca, maybe you could share your experiences with us?


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Re: Anyone tried Lucid Dreaming Adventures CDs?

Postby Rebecca » 07 Nov 2011 05:57


I test ran Bradley's Flying Adventure CD. It was ok for getting into a relaxed trance state and creating visuals to trigger a pre-programmed dream. It didn't give me a lucid dream while listening, but I figured it was good practice for incubating dreams if nothing else.

Contrary to their marketing materials, this isn't a lucid dreaming solution for beginners. They give the impression you can just plug in and play and become an instant lucid dreamer! Maybe I've become cynical but this really does seem like a stretch even for Bradley Thompson.

There is merit to what he's tried to create. The CDs contain a narrative which walk your mind like a guided visualization into a very relaxed state (and hopefully even a dream state). They also use brainwave entrainment (as you may know I'm a huge fan of entrainment). However, the problems I found were: 1. the man talking detracted from the entrainment effect and 2. I was too focused on his voice to fall asleep.

Brainwave entrainment works best when you're allowed to drift off and not listen to any external distractions - and that includes the spoken voice. His voice was especially intrusive.

So, I would say I could incubate a flying dream with this CD, but only because I'm experienced in doing so. And to be honest I'd prefer to incubate in my own mind without being given a set script which never changes.

The people this would most benefit from this style of lucid dreaming incubation are beginners who don't have a visual story to follow in their mind and program their dreams. BUT most beginners simply don't have the capacity to fall asleep consciously (as this CD aims to trigger) nor fall asleep and then respond to the reality check cues spoken at random moments in your ear. So it's lost in no-man's land really.

I certainly wouldn't recommend it as THE tool for lucid dreaming as the marketing page touts. In fact, the sales page makes some wild claims and glamorizes lucid dreaming for those who want instant dream control but aren't prepared to put the mental training in. There are absolutely no caveats whatsoever. This reeks of "cashing in". Which is a shame because his earlier product, The Lucid Dreaming Kit, is actually a decent course - intensive, practical, effective, if somewhat overpriced.

Bottom line: I don't think the CDs will have a high success rate on their own without the additional mental training. People are welcome to correct me if I'm wrong. I did attempt to get "real people results" (as opposed to their sales page testimonials) but am yet to hear anything positive on these CDs.

Just Google "Lucid Dreaming Adventure CDs review" and you'll see my point: no genuine positive feedback, unless it's an affiliate working for commission with fake sales hype.

Hope that helps.....
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Re: Anyone tried Lucid Dreaming Adventures CDs?

Postby xanthier » 06 Dec 2011 15:53

Thanks Rebecca..I was hard pressed to actually find any reviews that sounded genuine when I was searching that phrase. It's a shame there was so little about it out there because I like to hear about a product before I buy and it seems that no one knows about these CDs.

I went ahead and bought one, just to see. I found what you found. I still consider myself a beginner lucid dreamer, having only about a dozen lucid dreams under my belt. The voice was too distracting to fall asleep with it on, I could eventually but it took a long time and I got feeling really tired beforehand. But the even worse part was, even if I did manage to fall asleep with the voice on, I have yet to hear it during a dream. My mind just seems to filter it out completely to the point that I don't even wake up and say, "oh, that's what that voice was I heard in my dream!". So it's not just the usual problem in a dream of not being able to identify what's going on - instead I never hear anything!

Now I have only listened to the CD on high volume, hoping my chances of hearing it would increase and lately I have heard that the subconscious is more attuned to softer sounds so I may try that but more than likely I will be returning this. So far, I am very disappointed in the results.

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