Trouble Starting with WILD

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Trouble Starting with WILD

Postby MixenDixon » 31 Oct 2011 15:48

Hey, I'm new here. I've been lucid dreaming (mostly semi-lucid, though) somewhat sporadically for years, at least one every few months, but only recently have I discovered the science and study of lucid dreams. Anyway, I haven't had a lucid dream any time recently, so I've been trying all I can, primarily Wake-Induced Lucid Dreaming techniques. I've been trying to use the Lucid Dreaming MP3 sample, but wearing headphones is uncomfortable in and of itself, and it also requires me to sit flat on my back, which is uncomfortable for me. This in turn prevents my body from ever falling asleep. When I try a WILD without the music, I usually take forever to start to fall asleep, and then I lose my focus as soon as I begin to doze off. When that happens, trains of thought in my mind that were previously somewhat controlled begin to take off on their own, usually creating elaborate imaginary conversations that I only half-realize are not real. Then I snap out of it and give up. Any advice?

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Re: Trouble Starting with WILD

Postby Snaggle » 04 Nov 2011 09:37

To do a Wake induced lucid dream one does not need to be sleeping in any particular position. Just sleep in which ever position is comfortable to you. besides relaxing the body which does not need to be any more complicated than laying down for normal sleep; but one most keep the brain alert rather than allowing it to get drowsy, concentrate, say repetitive prayers or mantras it does not matter, just don't let ones brain turn off. Dream images of some type will appear, just watch them and let ones body turn off at which point you'll transition into deep sleep with more intense dreams.
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