A vivid dream turns lucid

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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A vivid dream turns lucid

Postby yogithis » 23 Nov 2011 22:00

Hey all, hope you're all well.

As the dream began I thought it was odd but not odd enough...

I was in my lounge and without knowing how, two girls walked in and started to arrange statues on some shelves that aren't mine in the corner of my lounge. As they appeared to be at home in my house I assumed I must know them somehow (but I didn't). I walked over and remarked how one of the statues was really quite nice when a man walked in with two girls. Again I was a bit shocked but he greeted me and extended his hand and was talking to me about a senior manager at work as though I knew her (which I don't). The talk of work and his apparent familiarity made me question his motives and as I retreated from his hand shake I noticed there were now at least three other men in the room. One of them stood to introduce me to the next man who walked in the lounge, his face seemed for an instant recognisable and I said who I thought he was. He appeared vaguely disgusted at me and as I looked at him so his face morphed and I realised I didn't know him.
That really confused me somewhat and as I walked to the door I remembered I was going out that night and needed to get ready plus I was thinking who are all these people????
At that point I turned to them all and told them in no uncertain terms to get lost and to get out of my house. They did without any fuss. One of the younger men gave me a no worries dude kind of nod and smile and I felt reassured I had done the right thing.
I then had to fix the fire as somehow the fire was outside the woodburner on the top, that sorted I went to check everybody had left the house.
In the porch i discovered soaking wet boots, and really small pairs of shoes and boots. I didn't recall seeing any children in my house but i went back into the lounge and there they were, hiding under the settee cushions. I told then exactly what they should do and off they went.
As i went to close the door a man I didn't recognise walked into my house, I grabbed him by his throat and asked him what he thought he was doing. He seemed quite shocked but to be honest I'd had enough by now. He then told me he was a doctor, somehow that made it alright and i put him down.
He showed me a diagram of the chakra system although it was upside down it made him more plausable.

He then looked at me and told me I was an observer type in this life and then proceeded to tell me there were three types ( I wish I could remember exactly the words he used because it made so much sense). As he told me what type I was I felt my energy tingle in my aura ( I do this in a natural state so nothing knew for me). He looked straight at the location of my energy and gave me a knowing look. At whcih point I realised he was energy aware and I relaxed as I felt his knowledge was perhaps greater than mine. I gave him an inquisitive look which he replied to by asking me what I could feel. I replied I could access my chakras and the higher energies and could enter trance states and have visions and journeys. At that point he turned and walked away.

I was distracted as there was loads of cars and people around the farm where I live, it's never that busy! As i returned my attention back to my garden I was aware the woman who had been standing behind him was actually stunningly beautiful. She was smiling at me and I felt a knowing about her. I turned to check my house again and was surprised to see a perfect line where the shelving unit had scraped the paint away, clearly this was how the shelving unit had been brought into my hosue. As I followed the line I saw my children on the stairs, I knew they weren't with me and at that pint I turned to the woman and said, 'I'm dreaming aren't I'.
I can't remember her uttering a word but the excitement filled my being and all I could think about was flying off to meet with my higher self and then journeying to the ascended masters.
As I walked/ran into my garden I noticed there were other people high in the trees and as I went to jump up to fly I felt her grab hold of my jumper to keep me grounded.
Obviously i wriggled out of my jumper and proceeded to use the numerous washing lines (that don't exist) to propell myself up and out of my garden and then into my bed and being wide awake!
To say I was slightly disappointed to find myself awake is an understatement but it was great to have the experience.

Your thoughts and comments about this dream would be welcome.
My most obvious question is how do i stay lucid in a dream that is so real and yet so bizzare.
And why do people keep entering my house? This is not the first time!

Thanks Michael

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Re: A vivid dream turns lucid

Postby Peter » 24 Nov 2011 01:24

Nice dream. Its seems to be a collection of thougths that you may or may not be aware of collecting and they then come to life in the dream. I dont know about the context but either the situations or the characters are almost familar to you. If you believe that it was all a construct of you mind then there needed to be input and then the dream appears as familar but abstract as well.

I read a nice interview with S leberge and an interesting point he made was that he suspected that during the day we take in and construct our reality from our senses and in the dream world we construct the reality from out emotions. so thougths and feelings, wishes, hopes etc are constructed and they form the basis of the dream and the visuals are a means of bringing them alive.
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