My First Lucid Dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My First Lucid Dream

Postby MikeFromTheUK » 24 Nov 2011 14:54

Date of dream journal creation: 24/11/2011
Time of dream journal creation: 10:30 am

Supplements used: 2 * 5-HTP capsules (50mg)

Level of lucidity: Semi-lucid. My first ever lucid dream.

The cold I had caused me to wake up in fits of coughing. I checked the time on my mobile phone, it was 07:30 am (two hours before I normally wake up).

I decided to see if I could use the wake-back-to-bed technique to get myself to have a lucid dream. I got out of bed, grabbed my Kindle and spent the next twenty minutes reading The Art of Lucid Dreaming by Rebecca Turner. I put the Kindle away, closed my eyes and visualised myself being inside the beach scene from the movie Contact. I fell to sleep some time later.

Dream Level #1
Some things happened which I cannot remember, but I do know that I somehow found myself in my bed, I fell to sleep.

Dream Level #2
I am in a unknown, but familiar location which looks like one of the arcades in my local town. The dream is somewhat vivid and I move around looking at things, looking at people playing on the arcade machines. I make my way into the back of the arcade, through some fire doors into a room I presume is only for staff members. I remember seeing a woman with blond, curly hair who did not speak to me. I wake back up into dream level #1.

Dream Level #1
I’m laying down in bed and realised that I had just been in a dream, so I decide to go back to sleep with the intention of trying to have a lucid dream.

Dream Level #2
I’m back in the arcade at the same place I had just been in. This time there’s a man who’s tall and slim with short, brown curly hair. He’s wearing glasses and seems a bit of a geek. I explore the area and have a walk around. There’s a big set of stairs in the middle of the room. After some time something clicks and I notice that the world around me is strange, I realised that I must be in a dream, a lucid dream.


The world starts to overwhelm me, I frantically tell the brown haired man that we are in a dream!

I tell him, that because we are in a dream, he can now do some really cool stuff!

I decide to look around to see what would happen. I scan the area and walk around. The world is gooey and dynamic, things move like they are made of jelly that is wobbling very, very slowly.
The man walks around to, exploring this strange and wonderful dream with me. I look upwards, the roof and the stairs become transparent allowing me to peek through and see the night sky in all its glory. The stars are brighter than I have ever seen them before and I can see bright, twinkling galaxies in a variety of colours. It is amazing! The colours of the dream are gorgeous and vivid.

I am now outside on a path when all of a sudden I am engulfed in yellow, golden light. It is everywhere, I cannot see anything else but yellow and gold. I feel like I am in the middle of a star. It’s so so beautiful. I feel I am crying, but I am not crying in the dream, it’s feels far away (I realised later on that it must have been my real life self crying as I was sleeping). I wake up into dream level #1.

Dream Level #1 - End of lucidity
I am back in bed, I wake up and take a look out of my bedroom window. The man who had just moved into the house down the street was walking back into his house. I noticed the outside walls of his house where covered in a pattern of red roses. I looked more closely at the wall to see if the pattern was painted on, it wasn’t. It was made of wallpaper. I woke up into reality.

I immediately took a deep breath, I felt exhilarated about what had just happened in my dream. I spent a few minutes going over what just happened. I then did a few reality checks to make sure I wasn’t still in a dream.

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