another lucid dream and made a rookie mistake.

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another lucid dream and made a rookie mistake.

Postby R99 » 27 Nov 2011 03:41

hey guys, :) yesterday night i got another lucid dream i used wake back to bed technique (its very effective) its my second one, in it i did lots of reality checks not all of them worked the only thing is worked is reading. so here is it, i am heading towards store for buying me something for breakfast, the weird thing is i am only wearing my shorts :oops: then i noticed that nobody is paying attention to me, so i concluded that its normal 8-) when i reached at store i noticed that there is an old woman selling food items , i asked her what to eat, she said, anything u like. i ordered some fried item :?: wait a second this store is new i never seen it before in this area, i suddenly struck with the idea that i am dreaming. i changed my tone if this is a dream why have to buy, its all for me, yes. i saw some roasted cashews there i asked her, can i take it for free, she said its not a problem. i ate some of it which was very delicious. bam the scene changes now i am in our town center trying to cross the highway, i thought well its a dream so i can do , anything i want i decided to ride a bike coz i love to ride bikes. i tried to stop some bikes in the road. waving to them. but they wont stop at nothing. then i jumped in front of a bike well u know it wont stop either :x the guy in the ride passes threw my right side and he is teasing me with great laugh. i am confused what the heck. if this is a dream why are people acting like they dont know me. i crossed the road. my dress is changed now i looks cool with my new shoes t shirt and jeans. 8-) then decided to some reality check first i tried to pushed my finger threw the left palm of my hand it didnt work then i tried jumping nothing happened. then i tried to read something i started read from a shops name board its not making sense i turn around and read again well u know it changed. then tried hop in the air jumping hard no matter wat i do it didnt work. then saw that two guys standing in their medicine store which i used to work for part time job,they are smiling at me. then asked them can i have their bike for a spin they agreed it with pleasure. then i make run for it. but before i reach there i saw a beautiful woman at another store :twisted: i decided to touch her boobs damn my bad, i know that it wont work coz i never touched it in real life so u know its overwhelming i closed my eyes with excitement when i opened it i am on my bed thinking of that mistake. i made few more mistakes too like i didnt try to clear the dream its fuzzy. that's it
next time i am in the dream i will make it clear before start exploring. and i have doubt too, why the guy in the bike didnt stop. if u know why please give me a explanation. thanks :D
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