WILD afternoon

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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WILD afternoon

Postby Peter » 01 Dec 2011 05:56

Afternoon nap and reading. I was holding a booklet of stapled A4 size paper and closed my eyes to think about some txt and drifted off, my hand hit the bed and I realized that I had gone to sleep for an instant. I put the paper down and relaxed and let the feelings in my mind come and get me. Blank mind, some patches of light, a glowing point of light, then it expanded and got some light vibrations in my body.
Next up is the detachment of my energy body into an OBE setting that was in my room. I drifted out and into a short LD. The images appeared in my mind with eyes closed, it was full daylight and so each time I tried to open my dream eyes I woke up. I went through this 3 times with body exit each time.

One odd moment was lying in bed in dream body and I thought my cat was on my shoulder so I took my right hand and tied to move it, when I touched my left arm/shoulder area in my dream body I felt it on my Right side. I did that 6 or 8 times. It was odd that the sensation went to the other shoulder and a bit disorientating.
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