VERY VIVID DREAM!!! ( from post on Techniques)

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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VERY VIVID DREAM!!! ( from post on Techniques)

Postby livierae12 » 02 Dec 2011 02:35

OK so if you read my post on technique's you already know how i got to this dream.
i was in my garage just laying on the floor talking to myself saying "im in a deram" until i noticed i really was! i opned my garage, and i could feel the coldness of the harsh snow outside blow onto me!! i then commanded (Using hand actions) to make it wonderful outside. i saw the snow LITERALLY melt befor my eyes, and flowers and plants grow all around me!!! i then ran really fast on a field of grass and jumped and started to fly!! it was so amazing and real! i could feel the wind blow on my body and my hair was flowing rappidly as if i were really flying. i continued to gain speed when i convined my self i was in africa. i flwe over a large lake and i saw an elaphant bathing itself in it!! it was soo amazing! i was planning on flying to paris when i was woken by my alarm...:(
it was soo realistc and amazing! definatly the best i have had yet!!! :D
LiViE RaE ;)
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Re: VERY VIVID DREAM!!! ( from post on Techniques)

Postby kakes 411 » 07 Jan 2012 06:28

That sounds awesome. I hate having to wait until night to have a lucid dream.
It's hard to fly when your head is hitting the ceiling.
Dream beautiful and unusual.

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