Destination: Inner Subconscious (Dream Journal)

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Destination: Inner Subconscious (Dream Journal)

Postby Marlowe » 03 May 2011 00:15

What's good! :D

I'm Marlowe and I'm new to this forum, although I've been creeping around on this site ever since I started lucid dreaming :geek:. I've been lucid dreaming for about a year, and I guesstimate that I've had roughly 50 LDs. I stopped trying to LD starting around 5 months ago, because my dreams started getting waaaay too freaky :shock:. But now I'm back and ready to get back on my LDing grind 8-).

If all goes well, I plan to use this topic to share with you guys my lucid dreaming adventures, and come closer to achieving my LDing goals.
My goals are:

    1.Talk to God in a LD
    2.Observe my raw, unconscious thought
    3.Astral Project
    4.Control the Elements
    5.Conquer my fear of the Paranormal
    6.Discover my Dream Guide
    7.Master Scenario Changing
    8.Learn to Summon Anything
    9.Fly in Space
    10.Create a World that retains what I did to it between different dreams
    11.Perceive different dimmensions
    12.Find out if there's more to LDing than meets the eye
    13.Create delicious foods in a LD
    14.Compose beautiful music with instruments I've never before played
    15.Meet historical figures
    16.Explore dangerous, beautiful places

I'll start updating tomarrow of my experiences with meditation and LDing that I'll have tonight.
This is going to be fun :D

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Re: Destination: Inner Subconscious (Dream Journal)

Postby Rebecca » 03 May 2011 12:56

Great list! :mrgreen:

I'd like to hear about your experiences as they unfold. Please keep us updated!
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Re: Destination: Inner Subconscious (Dream Journal)

Postby Jonathan » 04 May 2011 07:43

Welcome to the forum and yes, great list! I'm also very interested in reading your stories.

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Re: Destination: Inner Subconscious (Dream Journal)

Postby laurawsome » 04 May 2011 08:47

I'm going to follow your quest for sure! :-)

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Re: Destination: Inner Subconscious (Dream Journal)

Postby pennysuede » 23 Sep 2014 16:55

Any update to this list? I'm quite interested in seeing the results too :)

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