My Cousin's OBE

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My Cousin's OBE

Postby NHsports123 » 11 Dec 2011 07:15

Last summer, my cousin and I went to Cape Cod. Each night, he would talk in his sleep, so for fun, I'd talk back. Eventually, I was able to enter him into a lucid state by convincing him he was dreaming. He, sleeping, would be able to talk to me. BUT... he wasn't in his own body. He told me he was floating around us. I didn't believe him, so to prove it to me, he had me go to the bathroom and change ONE thing in the room. I returned to bed and he told me what I changed. He was right.
I'm not big into "ghosts" and supernatural stuff, but what does this mean? We vowed never to speak of it.

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Re: My Cousin's OBE

Postby Snaggle » 13 Dec 2011 14:00

1. You've proven that OBE are real and that the spirit exists- cool!

2. Your cousin has studied stage magic and has manipulated you into choosing can object or has tricked you by cold reading into revealing it to him.

3. Your cousin has studied suggestology/hypnotism and has pulled a Darren Brown mind game on you.
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