Dream recall

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Dream recall

Postby errkan » 15 Dec 2011 00:28

I started lucid dreaming about 1 month ago and I write down every dream I remember.
Lately my dreamrecall have increased rapidly and everytime this week when I write down my dreams I end up with two pages or more which often takes me too much time in mornings to write down.

The goal is to learn you subconscious to think dreams are important to remember right?
So what if I suddenly stop writing down my dreams?
Will it affect my dreamrecall?

The dreams I have nowdays is very long and detailed, so If I stop writing or writing down less.. are my dreams going be less detailed?


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Re: Dream recall

Postby thomas » 15 Dec 2011 00:51

Hello Errkan - I can only tell you my experience, but maybe it will help. For the first month I was very good about writing down all my dreams. My dream recall increased dramatically. So, I thought, I've got my mind trained to know I want to remember. Wrong. My dream recall decreased somewhat when I quit writing. The DETAILS of the dreams I did remember however did not decrease. When I started writing again - recall again increased. After three months of writing down dreams I again stopped - for reasons you mentioned. However, this time my dream recall did not decrease. I remember now 3-4 dreams/night. I guess my mind finally got it. Now, you may be different, but this is how it worked for me. Hope it helps.


P.S. When I finally quit writing down dreams I was spending close to one hour/day recording them.

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Re: Dream recall

Postby TaoTeRazz » 15 Dec 2011 02:52

Hey Errkan,

You had asked, "The goal is to learn you subconscious to think dreams are important to remember right?"
Actually, no, it's not. The goal is to exercise your faculty of Recall. Your 'subconscious' mind really has no say in the matter and doesn't recognize what's important or not. Your waking, relative, 'conscious' mind determines whether it's important to Recall dreams or not. Think of your Meta aspect of Mind (subconscious) as a huge library. All the material is free to access, all you have to do is go in a locate it. Well, that's what recall is like. The more you do, the easier it gets. The fact that you are able to recall so much detail, I think is great.
Yes, if you suddenly stop writing down your dreams, it will affect your Recall. If you feel that it's taking too long, you could just write down footnotes or just the most important parts so that you can read back over the day and then fill in the blanks. You could also use a voice recorder and record the initial impressions, listen to it later and then fill in the blanks.
Not to worry, you're dreams won't be any less detailed but the amount of detail you remember may alter. Over time however, as Thomas stated, your dream recall will greatly increase. Just keep goin...

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Re: Dream recall

Postby Gooeymaw » 18 Dec 2011 02:46

It has been my experience that if I quit recording my dreams I also forget about them easier. But I know how it is when you're pressed for time and need to head out the door for work or school. I have very little time before I have to leave, so all I do is write down key words and usually that's all I need later on to do a detailed report. I say, USUALLY, because sometimes when I come back to my notes I look at them and think, "Huh? I don't remember anything about a robot dinosaur" but that's kind of rare. I'd record them as often as I can, but if you miss a few, don't beat yourself up over it. Sometimes my dreams are soooo boring, I can't muster the energy to write about them.

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