Problem with lucid dream

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Problem with lucid dream

Postby Nienor » 19 Dec 2011 03:47

I am new to this and I have a problem.
Almost every time I dream I know that I am dreaming, but the problem is every time I become aware of the fact that I'm dreaming, I start to wake up and I can feel it how my body is going to wake any second and I really don't want that, so I really struggle to keep on dreaming, sometimes I try so hard that I wake up really tired because of that. But it doesn't work, I always wake up so quickly. I am also not sure If my dreams are lucid or not, they're quite fuzzy, they're not like walking reality as some of you describe it. I would like them to be like walking reality but I don't know how and I laso don't know how Not to wake up every time when I realize that I am dreaming. any advice?

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Re: Problem with lucid dream

Postby R99 » 19 Dec 2011 04:10

Hello, i think its a simple problem, its happens to every beginner. Did u really read all the articles in this website, the way of your question is makes me feels like u didnt even know the basics of LDs. Try to read about it for an hour in everyday and also visualise the things u wanted to do in next LD. The only thing is blocking u from LD is YOU. Leave all the past expearience of dream behind. Start from 1, ok. Its a new skill 2 ur brain so its take time. Its just like learning to ride a bicycle. And most of all dont get frustrated. The skill is valuable dont leave the idea of LD. Have a gud day
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Re: Problem with lucid dream

Postby Nienor » 19 Dec 2011 22:06

Thank you for your answer and you're right, I haven't read all the articles yet, but I'm getting there.
Hope it works, I really want to start lucid dreaming.
Thanks again!

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Re: Problem with lucid dream

Postby RosenVitae » 19 Dec 2011 22:35

I don't know how new you are to Lucid Dreaming, but I found an adequate amount of material for myself as a beginner :)

It definitely seems you're having experiences (however fleeting) of lucidity, I just started my dream journal this morning :) In the past, though, I've read about dream stabalizing as an easy but important thing, and there are good articles here for that and other things to improve LDs greatly.

I wouldn't rush it, mostly because I feel that would be counterproductive, but if it works for you, then do it :) I'm looking foreward to hear when things improve.
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