Best and longest LD yet! First time FLYING!! YES!

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lucidinthe sky
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Best and longest LD yet! First time FLYING!! YES!

Postby lucidinthe sky » 19 Dec 2011 16:59

I just had the best and longest lucid dream yet, finally broke the one minute mark. I'm so excited and just have to tell someone, hope that's O.K. It was so incredible! WAY too real for a dream, doesn't compute. I woke up early this morning and thought, Oh well another night with no lucid dream, crap. Then I drifted back to sleep with idea that I wanted to have one, trying to stay aware. The first part I was lucid but they were really superficial and not real, black and white, fuzzy, like I was just watching things. I thought, this is all I get? It's not like the lucid dreams I had before. Then next thing I know I'm in this room talking with people thinking, well I guess I woke up and I'm back to waking reality again. Crap, that was it for dreams. Wait a minute, this IS a dream! No way! I just can't get over how real lucid dreams are! During the entire dream I kept thinking: this is too freaking real to be dream, can't be. I was having such a hard time believing it I had to tell myself 3 or 4 times that it had to be dream. Remember you went bed, there wasn't enough time to get to this place, you can't really be here. It has to be a dream. Keep going. But I still had a hard time believing it so I said to a dream character, "This is going to sound strange, but have you ever been in a dream? What if I told you this might be a dream, what would you think?" He didn't say anything, just smiled. Then I ran outside with idea of flying. I reached an embankment with a highway below and just jumped off right toward the traffic, but I wasn't afraid at all. I started to lose altitude, heading right for the cars and said to myself: come on, more altitude. I kind of leveled off as I was going over the cars then they morphed into what looked like big toy cars and I woke up. The whole thing was so amazing!
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Re: Best and longest LD yet! First time FLYING!! YES!

Postby Peter » 19 Dec 2011 20:35

very cool - keep enjoying
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