just aware or dream control.

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just aware or dream control.

Postby zebrafriek1 » 26 Dec 2011 05:11

Are lucid dreams where you are able to control your dreams or just are extremely aware and feel as if they are real life because i had a dream last night that felt completely real. I was wondering whether this is being lucid or not.

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Re: just aware or dream control.

Postby lucidinthe sky » 26 Dec 2011 06:20

Lucidity and dream control are separate things although control seems more dependent on lucidity than the other way around.

I also think there are also different levels of awareness in a dream. You can have dreams where you are very conscious in the dream and it's very real, but true lucidity means you actually recognize that you are dreaming and have thoughts during the dream about the fact that it is a dream. I think for most people this adds an even higher degree of "realness" to the dream. When you're lucid you can then start making conscious choices about what you are going to do or it's possible to control the dream scenes which is more difficult for most people. I haven't controlled anything except my own actions, but I like the surprise element anyway.
Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? Morpheus

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Re: just aware or dream control.

Postby RosenVitae » 27 Dec 2011 02:39

Becoming lucid is to truely "wake up" within a dream and realize beyond doubt "Hey, this IS a dream!". You become conscious and begin to do something you never do in dreams: You make choices based on thoughts.

Dreams can feel deceptively realistic, with many details etc. This is what you call a vivid (clear) dream. You can have a vivid dream in which you're thinking "This is a dream." and still not become lucid (I recall that from 2 dreams I've had these last few days). Your thoughts, however, are still "automatic", in some sense.
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Re: just aware or dream control.

Postby Majikart » 29 Dec 2011 08:18

With Me, It's both those stages; One time when I had the 'Tim Burton movie' dream I thought it was very realistic and like what I've done in another dream, i did a reality check by looking at my watch; First time i did that, The watch was changing styles on me and the most recent one tried to look at the numbers and i was seeing a kaleidoscopic lightshow where the numbers should've been; Anyway, IMHO The lucid dream starts the minute you realize you're dreaming and from there, You can either watch it unfold or take control over it like a virtual reality experience.

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