"Where did the whiskey go? Is it still in my hand?"

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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"Where did the whiskey go? Is it still in my hand?"

Postby RosenVitae » 04 Jan 2012 12:16

My first, deliberate LD :) Short, but quite nice.

It started out with a very vivid dream. At one point I stood at an outside corner of a building when I did a reality check: 3+41=45... Wait, what? I started raising my hands to inspect them and turned around, suddenly being indoors in a warm light, like that of fire. My hands were very detailed, but not normal: a small blister here, a crusted cut there. It didn't strike me as odd, but it served as details for me to inspect. I started rubbing my hands together slightly, smiling while thinking "Oh yes, this is a dream". When I looked up, I was standing at a small wooden bar counter with a lantern hanging on a support column at the corner. On the other side stood a male redhead with a thin moustage in a formal (if vintage) green coat. The rest of my surroundings were very dark/black, but the counter and man were crisp and clear. I don't recall taking/getting a glass of whiskey, but I looked at it before looking at the man and asking him who he was. I don't remember the answer, but I got the feeling that the glass of whiskey was not in my hand anymore. I looked and it was gone. I looked at the man and asked:
"Where did the whiskey go? Is it still in my hand?".
"Yes, it's still there. You just lost your focus from it" He replied.
"Ah" I responded and looked at my hand, now holding the whiskey again. The man walked to my side of the counter while I was looking at the counter, thinking "Nice, this dream is very stable".

After this, I only recall the man having laid his head on the counter, facing me, looking very exhausted. Next thing I remember was waking up (which turned out to be a false awakening, endind in a nightmare that woke me up to this reality. I'll write about this in the Dream Interpretation forum, as I have a question about it).
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Re: "Where did the whiskey go? Is it still in my hand?"

Postby kakes 411 » 07 Jan 2012 05:34

Pretty interesting.

I didn't really get the whiskey part, I'll have to read that again...
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