My first lucid dream in 10 years

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My first lucid dream in 10 years

Postby Intrepid » 09 Jan 2012 19:45

I was walking away from a dream scene in which I was flying around in an odd- shaped building fighting Predators along side some people I've never met. After defeating them, an old infantry buddy of mine from the Marines joined me in walking away. The landscape was quite strange. Dirty, unmaintained buildings and broken heavy machinery was strewn about. The ground was a tan sort of dirt or clay. We walked over to a building that only had three sides and a roof where a broken tractor sat inside. Still talking, we turned around and began walking back in the direction where I was fighting the Predators. This reminded me of the flying and using energy from my hands to defeat them. I began to describe to my friend how amazing it was to fly and perform superhuman feats. The dialogue was very specific and I remember it all, but it's not important so I won't bore you. Lol
All of the sudden, as I described the battle from earlier to him, my right foot sank into a patch of thick, plush grass. This sensation triggered my lucidity. The awareness hit me so hard that I stopped speaking and looked down. My feet sank into the soft grass, and I pressed down with my right foot so far that I could feel the blades buckling. 
"This is a lucid dream! I'm dreaming!" I said out loud. 
My friend looked at me in disbelief and said "Really?".
"We can do anything we want now..even fly. I'm going to right now!" 
The excitement was so overwhelming that I began to destabilize and to my amazement, immediately remembered to look at my hands. I hadn't practiced looking at them while awake in months but the thought immediately came to me and BAM..worked perfectly.
I ran and jumped as high as I could, expecting to soar away. But as I did, a shred of doubt entered my mind and I fell flat on my face into the dirt. 
I again looked at my hands to stabilize as a rush of emotion hit me again. I was disappointed that I'd failed, but the realization that I had complete control over my lucidity was very empowering and i decided instead to just explore with Jake. I ran my fingers through the dirt before standing back up, and the memory came to me that I could try spinning in a circle to change something in the dreamscape. I closed my eyes and spun. When I opened them I was bummed that no scenery was visibly different. However, Jake was now gone and a man identical to his appearance in every way possible besides his face was standing there looking at me. He began to walk and I followed, still checking my hands frequently to stay stable and aware.
I followed him for a bit when I suddenly heard the distinct roar of Harley's in the distance. I felt afraid for some reason and decided to run ahead of him and take cover. Reaching in my pocket to pull out the weapon I had used earlier to fight the predators, I instead pulled out nothing, and my hand was now in the corny shape of a hand gun. As the bikers came closer, I realized that the sounds weren't coming from motorcycles because they weren't riding any! They were floating across the ground, suspended in the air in a riding position, but with nothing underneath them and making the engine sounds with their own mouths. I opened fire...with my fingers...I guess. Apparently my non-bullets hit, and they both wiped out into the dirt.
The dream character caught up to me and we were about to continue walking when I decided I'd had enough of the dull landscape. I looked off to my right and closed my eyes. When I opened them, a giant pool occupied by dozens of women was visible and I became extremely sexually aware.
"Jake!..women!" I shouted, forgetting he wasn't with me anymore. The DC looked at me, puzzled.
"Jake?", I said as I turned to look behind me. 
Seeing that he was still gone, I finished the revolution. The split second I did this, I felt it was a mistake. Something said in my mind "you changed it for a reason, stop looking".
When I came full circle around, the dream character was looking directly at me and said, "Oops."
I woke up fully conscious.

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