At a loss for interpretation

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At a loss for interpretation

Postby AliceInLucidan » 12 Jan 2012 13:23

A couple weeks ago I re-watched Alice in Wonderland, and since then have been kind of feeling drawn to it, so I read the original books etc. but I never expected this (which I dreamed last night);

I'm in a room, made of wood (I know for some reason that this is a tree house), all the people within the room are very important, standing around, whispering while I'm in the corner observing. A man enters and points at 3 other men, telling them they had to leave. I know this man, and I know that he's been humiliated by the 3 men he pointed out, so I know he's kicking them out because of personal reasons.

Anyway, the rest of us head to our restaurant, we go there everyday to eat, I know this somehow. However, for the first time, it's so full that we can't have our original table, but it's where we always sit. There are two seats left on it, and so I offer it to my two male friends, and sit myself down at a table a little further away. The three of us are waiting for our husband/wives (I'm not married in waking life), soon their wives appear and sit with them to eat, while I wait, observing again as they all indulge.

Before I know it, I'm playing with a Russian Matryoshka doll, and as I lok at the bottom of it, I realize there's a piece missing, must have been chipped, but on closer look, I see that it's a door. So I think to myself; "There's no way I can get through that." But I'm already shrinking, until I'm small enough to enter.

Once I'm in it's a whole dungeon type setting, dark rooms, cement everywhere, and another door on the other side of the room. However there's a giant rabbit with a drum coming at me, ready to attack. So I, naturally, grab the cake to my left and take a bite, growing big enough to leave the rabbit behind, and then drink from the wine bottle provided for me and shrink back to a size that allows me to pass through the door. There are about 5 or 6 of these rooms with the same scenario laid out, until I finally end up in a garden (sound familiar?)

So everything's green, trees all around, except of course on the grass path which I really want to follow, and I realize that I am; Kate Beckinsale. I'm thinking; "Well if Kate can be Alice, so can I".

Here is where the part starts that I can't understand at all, it's all pretty un-interpretable to me, but this part...I got nothing.

I run along the grass path and come across a dog that tries to attack me, and I can see in his face that he wants to bite me, but everytime he comes close enough, all he can do is lick me and be playful. I don't trust him, so I don't try to play with him, instead I try to kill it, thinking to myself "What's going on?" when suddenly a male voice, to which I'm gonna refer to as Cheshire, replies; "That's odd aren't they supposed to bite you?"

This voice is natural to me, it feels like there's a male companion with me, but there isn't. Anyway, I decide to ignore the dog and run along, the dog follows of course, and I come upon another dog...same thing happens, so I run along, 2 dogs following me. The path now has some concrete patches that I can walk on, and I find 3 cement stairs to descend. At the bottom of these stairs, straight ahead, is a double glass door, behind which there are numberous animals of all sizes, and by sizes I mean a fingernail sized dog, or an elephant sized cat etc. Further along, behind the glass door, I see a tunnel like path leading into complete darkness, which I don't want to go down, so I turn to the right;

There are 2 tigers. Again, they try to attack, but end up playing with me, I keep them at arms length. They have very points ears, and slobbery big tongues. Now having 4 animals that really want to attack me, but instead are just slurping at me with their tongues, I decide to put them behind the glass door with the rest of the animals. I do.

I turn away from the glass door and continue down the path, finding 1 more tiger, who is lying on the ground, feeding her what must be 20 baby tigers, which all have a blanket around their bodies, and the blankets have sizes written on them, "S, M, L, XL". Suddenly Cheshire becomes a visible man in a suit with tie and all, and starts going through these cubs, throwing aside all the tigers that look absolutely tiny, a new voice enters the space, again, no body for it, saying; "You know that those are the large ones right?" to Cheshire.

He frowns gravely and looks at the blankets of the tigers that he just threw aside, they all say "L" on them, and he gets angry, sorting through them, refusing to accept this, like it can't possibly be true.

And then I wake up.
At a loss.

So is that just my recent in depth research about Alice in Wonderland?

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Re: At a loss for interpretation

Postby yogithis » 22 Jan 2012 01:01

It's a dream about choices. You can work out the rest :D

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Re: At a loss for interpretation

Postby BarcaDreamer » 09 Nov 2017 11:09

Tigers are powerful creatures, their imagery and symbolism being just as powerful. If you are from a country where tigers are indigenous, then they have permeated your cultural and spiritual heritage. Many tigers are revered as much as they are feared. For other countries, tigers are often thought of with a sense of wonder, but there is also a certain level of ignorance about them. I find them fascinating. This article has more on it - - but I think that if a tiger is in your dream, whether it's a force for good or bad, it is powerful and awesome. It probably needs to be respected even if it's something you need to (metaphorically) defeat.

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