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Postby Snaggle » 12 Jan 2012 14:40

Any of you dreaming in foreign languages you don't speak? Do you dream in foreign languages at all? Xenoglossy is often used as an argument for reincarnation and the reality of demonic possession, unfortunately I have not found any real cases of it. The same for claims of speaking in tongues. Those doing any of these are more often than not babbling in non-languages, have horrible American accents even when speaking a real language. Xenoglossy seems more like negative rather than positive evidence.

Personally I've dreamed in Russian and German. In the Russian one I had a perfect Russian accent was in the Soviet union as one of Beria's lieutenants, even though I don't speak Russian it's not a case of dream xenoglossy, as I learned Russian as a small child at the same time I learned English and learned it from native speakers. I've just forgot how to speak it, as I never used it when not four or younger :cry: -the Russian was more adult than I ever spoke 8-)

I dreamed in German two weeks after first studying it- surprising as I studied French for four years and never had even a single French word spoken in a dream! BTW adults do forget how to speak their native languages if they don't use them at all and speak only in a foreign language, it comes back to them very quickly once they're expose to their language again- the lack of xenoglossy does not disprove reincarnation because of this fact. This happened to my first German teacher who forgot how to speak English while living in Germany.
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Re: Xenoglossy

Postby thomas » 13 Jan 2012 03:10

I have had dreams where others were speaking German and French. (Not both in the same dream.) I understood what they were saying but I did study German and French in school for several years. What's interesting is that I understood them. In the waking world I can only catch a word or two - not enough to know what is being said. Probably I was retrieving info stored in my brain and the dream gave me easier access or something.


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Re: Xenoglossy

Postby Gooeymaw » 03 Feb 2012 03:40

I have spoken and understood what were supposed to be foriegn languages. It's like you said, though. I recall one dream quite well where someone approaches me and speaks in a language that was certainly not English and I respond to them in what in the dream was gibberish. I knew I was just trying to SOUND like I was speaking a different language but the other character nodded their head as if they understood. It was so weird, that particular exhange. I actually wake up feeling embarrassed for pretending to know a language. In real life I know German and English only, and know a few words here and there of other langauges, but nothing that would pass off as KNOWING those other languages.

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