Attacked by dog

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Attacked by dog

Postby Manolis » 14 Jan 2012 00:17


Mon.  09/01/12
Dreaming of getting out or abandoning ship with mafia type bad people
We end up running all around the ship and they are trying to chase me
I wake up just as i am going to get caught, he is a big eastern european guy and wearing a black leather jacket

wed.  11/01/12
Dreaming of running away from mafia type bad people then nearly getting caught
Not fit enough to run fast enough not to get caught I am about to get caught by a big eastern european bad guy wearing a black leather jacket very close to me.
I then woke up.
(after this dream, I grabbed my iPad and looked up what this meant)
The interpretation said that I was avoiding facing responsibilities in my life and it was a part of something in my life that I needed to face. I feel I have faced a little part of that obstacle this week whitch I am working on with my mentor.

Fri. 13/01/12
Dreaming of going to a small music festival with Mitch (very successful mentor of mine that I hold in high regard) and his son Matt (they don't know each other in real life although Matt was my primary school best mate, 20 years ago) "he is my friend in the dream"
Whilst waiting to get in I thought they were very affectionate towards each other in line, almost like gay men. (in the dream they are father & son)
Lost Mitch and Matt after that.
I saw a black man getting heavily beaten by 2 security guards with battens while he was in line, I wanted to help but could not get to him.
I saw my cousin in different outfits a couple of times. She was dancing very sensually and having heaps of fun, and I was happy for her. (I have had a falling out and had not spoken to this cousin since March 2008)
Guys and girls were having fun. I kept walking around.
I was walking higher up on a road and below me there was a small tsunami of water and people got swept off the beach. I heard that some died.
I found a few people and one in particular had his head just above the sand. He got out of the sand and then i hugged him to warm him up even though he thought it was strange.  
After the wave I was still looking for Matt and Mitch.
I found a guy on the corner of a back street that was a colder-sac that I needed to walk down, that person said there was a big german Shepard at the end of the street and he did not want to go there.
I was not fazed, I thought the dog looked harmless.
I walked down the street not concerned by the dog.
I then got attacked by a slim and fit sandy colored pit bull terrier that looked me in the eyes. He was trying to nibble (not bite) me. The nooring on my hand, arm & legs did not hurt much.
I ended up winning over him after i faced him and after winning the fight I sat him down and counselled the dog. He then became my friend.
I then found Matt, he said that him and his family are very affectionate. Mitch had gone home "he does not like to stay after events" said Matt.
I woke up and I'm writing this.

It's a lot of info, I know.

Can someone have a crack at this one?

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