Technique I'm working on for inducing HI state in WILDs

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Technique I'm working on for inducing HI state in WILDs

Postby lucidinthe sky » 15 Jan 2012 22:15

I'm working on a technique that I first saw shown to me by a dream character. It helps me in WILDs go from the start into a deep HI state and allows control along the way. Other people may have aleady done this or are currently doing it so it's probably not a new idea. My dream character asked me to listen to words and close my eyes, I almost immediately went to HI. Ever since then I've been working on reproducing whatever it was. If anyone has specific knowledge about what that might have been, please let me know.

The technique is based on the stage that often occurs just before HI starts when thoughts start getting jumbled and confused and don't really make sense. Maybe this series of words mimmick the jumbled thoughts. So when I close my eyes and start to WILD, I have been creating thoughts that are one long train of words that make almost no sense, enough to draw your mind into them, but not enough that they are understandable. I think the logical part of your mind tries to makes sense out of them but quickly tires out. So far, it has lead me into HI fairly quickly, sometimes in less than 5 minutes. You really have to let your mind wander and make up nonsense while moving fairly quickly, totally creative and uninhibited. I'll try to give you a sample. There is no meaning to this, it was made up in less time than it took to type it. The mind moves quickly through spiraling concepts of dreamscaped color schemes that focus the senses into multiple pathways of origins poorly integrated in time superimposed on the questions of eternal origins allowing no accounting for the spatial drift which occurs in various lateral partitions through mulitdimensional space portions of the plane WTF? That's the point. I think a lot of song lryics were probably made this way. Anyway, I just keep going with this, but it's usually not continuous. Soon I can feel myself falling into HI, then the HI images start to appear. It takes a little practice to produce this sort of nonsense, but it is actually a nice exercise in allowing your mind to just create. If anyone wants to try it, let me know what happens or if someone has a similar idea, please post. Thanks.
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Re: Technique I'm working on for inducing HI state in WILDs

Postby Peter » 15 Jan 2012 23:35

sounds like a good way to relax and let normal thougths go, will try and report back
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