Lucid dreams boring and can't move

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Lucid dreams boring and can't move

Postby ArmorPierce » 16 Jan 2012 06:39

Hey guys a I'm trying to work on my lucid dreaming. I am having several problems.

I've arrived to Lucid dreaming where I've figured I was dreaming... I then think okay... now what... Instead of anything exciting happening, nothing happens or everything just fades to black. I read a list somewhere that suggested asking to show you something funny or amazing. I asked (or thought) and nothing happened.

Next issue. I have problems moving in my dreams, often even times when I don't realize it is a dream (I'll be dreaming I'm involved in a fight and have difficulty moving in the fight for example). At times I will be able to make the scene around me change but I myself won't be able to make myself move. I remember trying to imagine myself moving but I guess that's the wrong way of doing it but trying to move otherwise is difficult or impossible. And no this is not sleep paralysis, I know what that is and have experienced that as well.

So issues, difficulty moving but able to make scene around me change without me moving and boring lucid dreams. Any advice?

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Re: Lucid dreams boring and can't move

Postby Gooeymaw » 17 Jan 2012 01:32

I've had a few lucid dreams that were boring, but the not being able to move thing is new to me. In regular dreams I've had that occur, but I don't know if they're related. My best guess it's just a temporary thing, and with more practice you will get over it. I am a pretty accompliced lucid dreamer, but forget the tasks I mean to do all the time, so I waste a bunch of them. Sooooo annoying.

Anyway, sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck with that and happy dreaming.

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Re: Lucid dreams boring and can't move

Postby jamjam » 21 Jan 2012 00:17

Your expectations play a role. So expect to move! If you think this isn't going to work, then it won't.
Be confident!

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Re: Lucid dreams boring and can't move

Postby R99 » 21 Jan 2012 09:13

LD boring! Dont say that before u experience it truly. Get some practice then try it, ofcoz u change that statement. And one more rhing u need to belive in urself to pull the trick. Gd luck
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