Is this a WILD?

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Is this a WILD?

Postby frenchtoast » 16 Jan 2012 18:17

Hi! Im new at this, as ive only been trying it for a few days. This morning, i attempted a WILD. im not sure if i was doing it correctly, so this is what happened...

First, i relaxed, and counted backwards from 100, inbetween each number saying "Im dreaming". After i relaxed, i saw HI. I concentrated on then, and then just imagined myself just walking along a beaach. But, then my hands went numb. Im wondering two things: Is this the correct way to attempt a WILD? and when my hands went numb, was that the beginning of sleep paralysis?

Thanks to anyone willing to help :)

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Re: Is this a WILD?

Postby Snaggle » 26 Jan 2012 03:11

There is no correct way to do WILDs, as long as you can relax the body and stay in an alert but relaxed state of mind you'll get HI and doing even nothing you should be into REM sleep and dreams fairly quickly. Rem atonia is an all or none, it goes throughout the body below the neck; SP on the other hand can be partial, can be numbness or paralysis, can spread up from the toes instead of doing what really happens in atonia; then again you could of just incubated this SP experience because you're expecting SP. REM atonia usually is just experienced as a quick dream image before REM dreams start. You likely will never experience SP doing full WILDs that have a duration of your whole sleep period.
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