Lucid Dreaming Help?!?!

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Lucid Dreaming Help?!?!

Postby Lucid-Dreamer » 19 Jan 2012 00:01

As you can see, I'm pretty new to this site. I've been trying to Lucid Dream for a little while, and the first night I tried it, something a little weird happened..

I don't know if this is normal, but about 4-6 minutes into meditation, I felt my bed shaking. Then my fingers went cold, and then numb. I've heard numbness was a little normal, so I didn't worry. Until my eyes started flickering all around the place. My eyes were still closed. Then all of these weird buzzing sounds came into my head. And what made me finally jump up, my whole body went numb for a second, and then a bunch of vibrations whizzed through me. This made me open my eyes and jump out of bed. That's when I did a reality check. I tried pushing my hand through a wall, but it didn't work. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but it freaked me out a little. Help? Thanks!

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Re: Lucid Dreaming Help?!?!

Postby lucidinthe sky » 19 Jan 2012 00:14

Most of this sounds "normal" to me, even though experiences vary from person to person. I too have been freaked out by these kinds of sensations, but you can get used to them, especially when you know what to expect. The whole process can be a bit disorienting, but I've found you can prepare yourself ahead for this so you are more comfortable. The key for me is being able to relax and let go as right as you go into the dream state and pop into the dreamscape.
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Re: Lucid Dreaming Help?!?!

Postby HAGART » 19 Jan 2012 00:16

Lucid-Dreamer wrote:but it freaked me out


Then it is normal.

When you did the reality check, were you awake or not? Or a false awakening? You can usually tell just by the 'feel' of it first and then do a reality check just to double check before you go and do something stupid in front of everybody you know.
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