More dream signs

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More dream signs

Postby Enter_DreamS » 20 Jan 2012 10:44

I think soon I'll be getting close to having a lucid dream! I've noticed more dream signs are approaching. So far I have

-owning an item I know I don't have in real life e.g. huge sums of money
-being at my college or other educational building
-my best friend
-the building I am currently at, where I do work experience (has so far appeared twice in my dreams)
-another best friend.

I'm sure if I keep practising RC's that soon enough I'll remember to do one in my dream and realise I'm dreaming! However at the moment I can only do reality checks in waking life for when I'm in buildings, since I can't meet with my friends at this moment in time! Hopefully that won't be a setback, so I'll just keep doing RC's daily!

Wish me luck on my first lucid dream! :D
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Re: More dream signs

Postby Chrispy » 28 Jan 2012 02:07

Good luck! :D
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