Discussion with a master

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Discussion with a master

Postby Tyler » 21 Jan 2012 17:35

Hi Everyone, I just found this site, and would like to share a few of my lucid dreams as well as discuss some of the intricacies of the dream world. Looking forward to learning more from all of you.

Below there are a few moments when I comment on the dream, so hopefully that doesn't make it too confusing.

I am at a party in a dimly lit room in a house. It might as well have been a library room. I do not really know any of the other guests at the party, but we were all drawn to the party by mysterious circumstances. Each person was summoned to the party by either clues and hints, or direct invitation from an unknown host. One girl at the party told me she had received a list of library books she had to read before coming to the party. A few others had been told to show up at an exact time and place. At this time in my life I was feeling a little down on myself. It felt like I was doing everything by myself, without receiving much outside guidance. I thought that when the student is ready the teacher will appear? Well, it didn't seem like a teacher was coming. The circumstances by which I arrived at the party led me to realize that somewhere within me was the need to figure "it" out on my own. I would not allow for the teacher I thought I wanted. I was the teacher.

I felt a little better about this party, and it became clear that the purpose of this party was for each of us to figure out why we had been invited. It started out as a fun game. However, as time passed and we had not discovered the answer, the police would burst into the room, handcuff a member of the group, and brutally drag him/her away. Now we were looking more at a murder mystery dinner party, but not the good kind. This continues for several more rounds with members disappearing after each round.

In real life I am very cold as the window is open. In the dream, I realize I am cold and can feel it. I try to half wake-up enough to pull the blanket up. I am half successful as I black out of the current dream and wake up in the back of a gray pickup truck. I am wearing a helmet, and we are driving on the outskirts of a city. I am still paranoid about the cops coming to take me away, so my head is on a swivel. We turn down a road and head into the back country. Eventually we pull into a farm area with a long road. There are several barns nearby. The grass is very long - at least waist high. About 15 of us from the party are gathered in a clearing. Not more than a few seconds pass before black SUVs begin to pull into the driveway. I IMMEDIATELY realize that the government is here with the people they arrested earlier. They are going to blame all of us for some event that we were not responsible for, and then they would CRUCIFY us. These were the exact words that ran through my mind. Yes, I do have a Christian background. More analysis later. I assume our group is on the same page, and I turn around and start sprinting through the grass and back to the street. I can see two or three others running along side me. To my dismay, I turn around and the rest of the group is still standing there, joined by more prisoners. A siren blares and over the loudspeaker I hear, "OKAY, ROUND 'EM UP!" (did you read that article?)

I black out of this dream and wake up back on the city street with two of my escapee companions. One girl says to me, "Wow! What a crazy dream!" I replied, "You know we're still dreaming, right?" She gasped and said she couldn't believe it. She walked away to go figure it out.

At this point, I go into normal dream mode and try to find someone to talk to. I find a hotel on the side of the street and enter. It seems to be a smaller hotel, owned by an Asian family. There is a restaurant area to the right, a reception desk to the left, and ahead a large staircase leading up to the 3rd floor perhaps. It's a pretty big staircase. I approach the reception area and a younger boy is behind the counter. I ask him if he can tell me about my dream. He runs upstairs, comes back down and tells me he can't help. An adult male, also behind the counter, comes over and asks me to wait for a minute. He quickly ascends the steps and returns. He states, "The master will see you. We didn't think he would because he has already spoken once this year - but he will see you." What?!

Obviously, I follow him up the steps. We turn right, and on the right side of the hallway is a bedroom. Upon entering, there is a miniature bed about 2 feet long. Laying on the bed is a miniature man with a long beard. He looks like a sage, but he is hooked up to machine. My impression at that time is that he is just hanging out in this body and the machine is keeping it going. I hand him my dream, which has somehow magically been written down on a green sheet of paper. The master holds the paper on his chest and starts hyperventilating. Ingesting my dream via inhalation. He then stands up out of bed, and turns into a normal sized human being. He motions me to follow him to another room down the hall.

The room is just an empty room. But the master summons holographic images before my eyes as if he is creating a movie. It is a montage of clips - a Samurai-ish warrior in grotesque battle scenes against attacking enemies. Very bloody and realistic. The sword stood out - it seemed to be blessed with magical powers. Somewhat immaturely, I was thinking about whether I would get a sword like that.

The master then halted the images and we were back in the empty room. He turned to me and said...

"You have to fight and protect the people."

And then I woke up. I'm not sure what you're thinking after reading this, but I had the biggest pit in my stomach I may have ever felt. That was not the message I was hoping for. It was 3 AM. I immediately wrote everything down. I could not go back to sleep. For weeks and months after, I thought about the dream. I tried rationalizing it as one does upon waking up - it becomes farther away. Surely there must be some symbolism here! No way should I interpret this literally! The one thing that is certain is that this dream is not going away.

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Re: Discussion with a master

Postby Snaggle » 22 Jan 2012 00:00

This is a classic boy/lad to man dream with your dreams telling you to grow up. You start out resenting that people are not helping you (childish attitude) and in a library (a symbol of self-help/ learning). Not only are people not helping you the police are persecuting you as you try to help yourself. You have the master you've been expecting to magically appear, but he's a dwarf and a cripple, so obviously can't help you except with advice. The help he gives you is to show you that you have to grow up and he gives you a 'magic sword' symbolizing manhood and tells you you have to fight and save the village. Put another way not only are you not going to be helped as a child, but you're going to have to fight to help not only yourself but others (AKA become a man rather than staying a child.
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Re: Discussion with a master

Postby Tyler » 22 Jan 2012 19:10

Hi Snaggle, that is an interesting interpretation that I had not considered before. I didn't realize it was possible for a lengthy lucid dream to be so generic.

Thanks for taking the time to post - much appreciated!

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