Hello thar

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Hello thar

Postby Dontwakeme » 23 Jan 2012 01:39

Hi all,

First off I would like to say Hi to everyone, I'm brand new to this forum, just signed up this evening after reading through a few of the threads, and am fairly new to the explaination of lucid dreaming and such so please forgive me. Also I'm useless at descriptions so my story will probably contain lots of "likes" and "sorts of" :oops: P.S ive just clicked preview and this post is huge so sorry for that too >.< :oops:

A bit about me and my dreams, I'm a 21 year old female and I live in wales. I've never looked up the subject of lucid dreams until yesterday when I had a sort of dream which prompted me to see if anyone else had had the same. I've never practised "initiating" lucid dreams they just seem to happen. I was a bit scared of some of them before but after looking things up I hope to learn to embrace them now :) if you want to skip past the couple of dreams I've recalled in the middle of the post feel free, the one I'm most interested in your comments in is the last one, but feel free to comment on them all I will enjoy reading all feedback.

So, I've been having what I used to call "vivid dreams" for about 3 years now. They vary in intensity from time to time, some will be ones where I have no control in whats going on around me and some where I have almost complete control in the happenings of the dream. They also vary in frequency sometimes I will have several a week sometimes just once a month.

Some of the no control dreams I've taken more as nightmares such as one:

(i cant remember all the details as this was one of the first) I was on a boat which was docked at a port it was nighttime and there are a few street lamps. I see a group of people running into the boat so I follow. I felt like the people were friends although I do not recognise any faces. Once on board the inside of the boat turns out to be a labrinth of rooms that these people are running through. Each room is a different colour and can have more than 1 door. Every time I enter a room I see the people running out of a door but when I get into the next room they are not there, I try another door and see them again but they go through another door, I follow, they are not there and so on. I get the feeling I must find the way out but I dont I just keep running through doors, its almost like my mind is telling me "find the way out" but my "dreamself" wont listen. I can't remember how that one ends but it has occured more than once. I just put it down to some life worry I had at the time which was causing such a vivid dream.

Another one which scared me at the time (again not very good on the details):
Not sure how this one started but somehow I found a black cat and decided to look after it, I noticed this cat had the brightest green eyes. I would take it everywhere with me and took it to show my friends once, they for some reason thought I shouldnt take the cat around with me , or they didnt like it, and I noticed then one of its eyes started turning red. So i took it away looked after it some more and its eye went green again. I came to the conclusion (right or wrong i dont know) that the cats eye would turn red if you were nasty to it. Again I took it to see my friends and again its eye went red, I tried to explain to them that you had to be nice to it and then for some reason the cat climbed onto my head and started licking my head, this was a really strange sensation because I swear I could feel it. I could feel it through my hair through my skull almost like it was in my brain :S I was trying to talk but this cat licking my head was making me drowsy and making my head rock back and fore eventually I fell asleep in the dream which is when I woke up. The reason is say this scared me is simply down to the fact I could still feel that sensation after I woke and back then it was rather unnerving.

Things started to move on to ones I had a bit of control in:
We were on a sky scraper (i dont know who "we" is but I know there are others there) trying to invent a box that you strap your self into and throw off a building, hit the floor and you would survive. I remember going through the phases of design testing each design changing it and finally coming to one that worked. everytime I threw one off the building, I dont know if I would fly down to look at it or if I imagined I had "zoom" vision, but i could look down off this sky scraper and in less than a second be at the bottom. Once we had decided we'd made it work I decided I would test it myself. So I got in it and it got pushed off the roof and then hit the floor and I remember looking out of the box onto the street, then in a split second I was back on top of the sky scraper looking down at where the box had landed, and then the dream ends.

I'd started to write them down at this point as there was one which also scared me (through lack of knowledge of what the dreams actually were I guess)

I'd never had a dream within a dream before but I'd fallen asleep on the sofa and I started to dream that I was a worker in a factory though not through choice, that we had been forced to work there, like prisoners. I decided we needed to get out so we made an escape plan and then ran to escape. We came onto a field and I thought we were home free but then infront of us these things flew into the air that looked like fireworks, but werent and I dont know how else to explain this but i knew they were like a ball of "spaceships" exploding into lots of little space ships. All the other workers thought the sight was beautiful and started to dance but I knew they were comming to get us back, so I was shouting no no keep running etc, and then I started to wake up into another dream, I was on an operating table, I had been cut open and there was a women operating on me, but I kept drifting back into the scene with the workers dancing and all this went on for a while and then I started to panic as I thought the "operating dream" was real and I couldn't understand what was going on, so I was shouting to myself wake up wake up! and eventually I came to on the operating table, I could see a dark window infront of me and knew someone was watching but couldnt see because it was so dark, then I sat up on the table, paniced some more and threw myself off it landed on the floor with all these tubes and stuff still attached and backed up against the wall, and then the lady operating on me fainted and said "thank god" I felt like I was supposed to say thank you too her. At this point still not realising it was a dream I thought this operation was real, but as soon as she fainted I properly woke up.

The most recent one which made me actually look into these dreams was:

I work night shifts about 6 times a month and so sometimes have a little snooze in work. I was on a day shift and had fallen asleep in my chair in my shack "office" I'm not sure what I'd dremt about, I don't recall it now as I was so panicked after I woke. What happened was I think (from researching on the internet) I had a short spell of sleep paralysis. I thought I had woken up but couldnt move, of course first reaction ... panic... I was trying to lift my self out of the chair but I was so heavy, but as soon as I got my back and chest out of the chair I just kind of "popped out" (lol) and then I tried to grab my phone out of my top pocket but realised I couldnt, I kept trying and trying but my hand was just like going no where, then I looked down at my hands and they were going from being to transparant to not there at all, I was moving them, but they werent there. Then I noticed the wind was really loud , defaning almost, and then after that I seemed to lose my sense of balance, but it felt like the whole shack was being moved about, thats when I realised I wasnt fully awake and I turned around and saw myself lying on the chair still asleep. Of course then major panic on because I didnt understand what had happened, I thought I was dead basically haha. So I started to shake myself on the shoulder again shouting wake up wake up, and I could feel the sensation of the grip on my shoulder not only in the "dream", almost hysterical I was shouting and shouting and then I "came to" with a start.

Obviously a bit freaked out by this I started to look things up on the internet which brought me here :D This last one is the only one I dont understand because I actaully saw myself on the seat and it felt so much like I wasnt dreaming. Almost like there was two of me a body and a spirit i guess, hence the reason I thought I was dead! I'm sure you guys have had some experiance of this too?

Sorry if youve found some of the content boring but have enjoyed writing this post as it helps just to share the experiances I've had and not get the "shes lost it" look. As I said, I can't wait to hear some of the feedback if you care to share

Thanks alot and look forward to being part of the Forums

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Re: Hello thar

Postby R99 » 23 Jan 2012 10:33

Jeeeeez thats a long post. Well nothing to say about it coz i am no expert. And also welcome to the group feel free to share ur experience, its a cool place. Keep happy (LD) dreaming. Gud luck.
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Re: Hello thar

Postby Snaggle » 24 Jan 2012 04:42

sleep paralysis dream followed by an out of body dream. Summerland and Michael Raduga can teach you how to do these if you want more of them.

One can be fully in control of a dream and not lucid and fully lucid in one and not in control. When lucid one has normal consciousness and your normal memory, but even so one can sometimes be deceived by dreams into thinking they're real, though normally one is also aware that one is dreaming while lucid.
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Re: Hello thar

Postby Dontwakeme » 24 Jan 2012 05:33

Thanks that makes alot of sense actually. I think I've been through various stages of lucid, not lucid, in control, not in control without recognition of what I was actually experiancing, and with no real development through the stages just flicking back and fore depending on situations I guess.

Hopefully now if I read up on the techniques etc I can learn to regulate/control, and enjoy them more (i.e not be scared of the unknown hah!)

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Re: Hello thar

Postby James » 24 Jan 2012 17:19

Dontwakeme wrote:and I turned around and saw myself lying on the chair still asleep.

Wow you had a OBE! Well done!
Was it worth it?

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