I can feel it!

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I can feel it!

Postby Enter_DreamS » 23 Jan 2012 10:34

Last night I made a little progress but I feel I'm closer to getting into a lucid DILD dream. It happened near towards the end of my dream, I was looking at a triangular object in the sky with 3 lights, and falling around it were shooting stars.

Just as the dream ended it felt as if I was about to do a reality check but then I woke up, I tried going back to sleep to get into the dream again but I dreamt about something different. No Lucid dream yet, but I feel excited that soon enough I'm going to do a reality check and realise I am dreaming, then become Lucid for the first time! :D
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Re: I can feel it!

Postby SarahDank » 27 Jan 2012 10:45

It seems you are almost there :)

Stay positive, and be ready for the real thing so you can grab hold of it!
good luck!!

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Re: I can feel it!

Postby Chrispy » 28 Jan 2012 06:19

Sounds great! It will only get easier! :D
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