Article Submission Guidelines

Please take a minute to read the article submission guidelines before sending me your work at the end of the page. Thank you!

1. Be original. That means 100% your own words (unless clearly quoting and referencing another author).

2. Be exclusive. Articles must not appear in part or in full on other websites or blogs. Special exemptions can be made with prior agreement - eg, for research projects and dissertations.

3. Be well-researched. If you're making lesser known factual claims, please provide your sources for verification.

4. Be personal. Write in the first person. You may share your finest lucid dream moments, top ten lists, opinion pieces and other first-hand material.

5. Be clear and concise. Write for a mass audience and keep your message clear. When writing for the internet, remember: short sentences and short paragraphs are best.

6. Be respectful. Be opinionated, but have respect for your audience. Do not be inflammatory, vulgar or harassing.

7. Don't state opinion as fact. If you're making a sweeping opinion statement stated as fact, you will be called up on it.

8. Focus on lucid dreaming. However authors may also submit related pieces on sleep, dreams and the human mind.

9. Use images. As long as you have the rights to them. They should illustrate the written content and be no more than 530 pixels wide.

10. Use embedded YouTube videos. Particularly for sharing personal accounts created for the website.

11. Target 800-2,000 words. Special exemptions are made for research papers and dissertations.

12. Don't write advertorials. This includes very basic articles written solely for the purpose of gaining an external link. C'mon, be authentic!

13. Infographic are welcome. Provided the infographic is of high quality and contains useful insights for lucid dreamers.

14. Include an author biography. Include around 80 words summarizing your name, location, background and any other key details. Please include a headshot of ideally 175 x 230 pixels.

How to Submit Your Article

You can submit your article now via email for quality checking. The preferred format is plain text.

Remember to include:

  • A title (up to 70 characters)
  • A description (up to 155 characters)
  • A picture of yourself (at least 175 x 230 pixels)
  • A short biography (around 80 words)

Publication is not automatically guaranteed, but if it meets the above criteria you should expect it to be placed in a queue to go live on the website soon.

I reserve the right to reject an article if it is of poor quality or not in keeping with the principles of the website. If your article is not suitable for publication, I will let you know so that you may submit it elsewhere.

Please remember, once your article is accepted it may not be re-published elsewhere on the internet without prior permission.