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Mother Nature / The Goddess

Mother Nature Lucid Dream

Mother Nature

In my lucid dream, I'm standing in a stunning landscape of trees and fields that stretch to the horizon.

I remember my goal of probing the awareness behind the dream and shout out to the sky: "Show me something amazing!"

The sky lights up and turns into a brilliant orange sunset. I see a giant woman appear in the sky, with long brown wavy hair and neutral robes. She is somehow full of bright light.

She doesn't actually say anything to me. But I get an awesome sense of power and confidence from her, it's almost euphoric. She is some sort of goddess, full of energy, and I then I feel like this could be a projection of my true self, without all the hang ups.

This is a great lucid moment that comes out of nowhere.

I later decided to add splashes of nature to my painting. Maybe its because I'm an atheist but I felt it more fitting to call her Mother Nature than to call her a deity. She remains awesomely powerful.

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About the author

Rebecca Turner is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming. She is currently studying for a science degree in Auckland and becoming famous as a science writer. Try her lucid dreaming course and connect with the team on Facebook and the lucid dream forum.