About The Authors

World of Lucid Dreaming is run by a team of international lucid dreaming authors and explorers, eager to share their discoveries of the conscious dream world. For them, learning to lucid dream has been a life-changing process, evolving their perception of reality and consciousness. It gave them new ways to explore their inner selves, find freedom and inspiration, create music and digital art, solve problems, and get to know dream figures.

This website started out as a small blog in 2008, and soon turned into a thriving hub for millions of lucid dreamers. Today, World of Lucid Dreaming is one of the world's largest and most popular websites dedicated to lucid dreaming, with more than 300 free articles and the World of Lucid Dreaming Academy for premium members.

Rebecca Casale, Founder

Rebecca Casale, FounderRebecca is a science writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. She founded World of Lucid Dreaming to share her passion, focusing on lucid dream induction, visualizations, and out-of-body dream states. She was an early adopter of binaural beats for meditation as a pathway to having more lucid dreams.

Read some of Rebecca's lucid dreams and check out some of her dream-inspired digital art. You may also be interested in her popular distillation, 17 Things I Learned in 17 Years of Lucid Dreaming.

Rebecca currently writes and illustrates for Science Me while studying biology and genetics. You can also find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Daniel Love, Contributing Writer

Daniel Love, Contributing Writer

Daniel is a sleep and dream educator and lucid dreaming teacher. He's internationally recognized as the author of one of the world's bestselling lucid dream guidebooks, and it's his aim to help you to enhance your wellbeing and productivity by helping you to maximise the benefits of sleep and dreams.

Daniel has been exploring the wonders of sleep and consciousness for over two decades, dedicating his life to the promotion of sleep education and lucid dreaming, for which he promotes a pragmatic and hands-on approach. He strongly believes that we must tackle these topics with humility, honesty and a logical mind.

Daniel currently runs The Lucid Guide and runs the YouTube channel The Lucid Dream Portal.

Chris Hammond, Contributing Writer

Chris likes to wander through the bush lands of Australia, stroking his chin and pondering upon life's many dualities. A lifelong martial artist and mindfulness practitioner, Chris is fascinated by lucid dreaming as a vehicle for self introspection, self improvement and creativity.

His first lucid dream involved the careful inspection of a giant, inert rubber weeble covered in tiny little rubbery antennae. After recovering from the shock, he thought of no better way to interact with his newly uncovered unconscious mind than kicking it. To this day, he still remembers the feeling of the rubber impacting on his toes - as real as anything he ever experienced - and proving that he had the power to wilfully enter the realm of dreams.

If you're interested in learning how to lucid dream, check out World of Lucid Dreaming Academy. Our premium course contains 30 illustrated lucid dreaming tutorials, interactive quizzes, meditation audios, private forums, and an active community of lucid dreamers to help you master the art of dream control.