10 Steps to Lucid Dreams

Step #7: Is There a Lucid Dreaming Pill?


With a wave of emerging sleep tech and movies like Inception, lucid dreaming has really caught the public eye. And that means inventors and pioneers are turning their attention to the market of dream control, offering new solutions to problems like:

  • Bland, fuzzy dreams
  • Poor dream awareness
  • Low dream recall

For the first time ever, I'm seeing a whole range of lucidity inducing supplements come to the likes of major stores like Amazon. (I'll share the most popular ones in just a moment.)

But first - what do they actually do?

Though each supplement has a slightly different formula, they are generally designed to:

  • Increase dream intensity
  • Increase self awareness in dreams
  • Promote dream recall
  • Promote lucid dreaming
  • Prolong your dreams

Lucid Dream Pills: Pros vs Cons

There are some compelling reasons to try supplements:

+ In my experience, dream pills breathe color into my dream life on a whole new level. They can produce long, intense dreams which feel more significant than my regular dreams.

+ Even if you've never had a lucid dream before, ramping up the intensity can help you better understand the awesome power of your dreaming mind. It can give you the push you need to commit to lucid dreaming.

+ Promoting self awareness in your dreams gives you more chances to become lucid.

There are also some drawbacks to taking lucid dream pills:

- Lucid dream pills shouldn't provide the foundation of your training. They are a "treat" if you like. A once-in-a-while boost to your dream life. You should not come to rely on them to have lucid dreams.

- Supplements can interact with any existing medication you're taking. In rare cases they can cause side effects. If you have any concerns about taking a new supplement, see your doctor first.

- Not everyone is comfortable taking supplements - even if it's just a vitamin supplement. Perhaps it's because lucid dreaming can be a spiritual quest, some people want to achieve it through their own volition.

What Are The Best Lucid Dreaming Supplements?

Here are the most popular supplements currently on the market:

  • Galantamine. This can create extremely vivid and memorable dreams. It's available in larger doses on prescription to treat memory disorders, so it is safe to use, even on an ongoing basis. In smaller doses it has the effect of dream enhancement - check out the nootropics Lucidimine and Vivitamine.
  • Huperzine-A. This is another acetylcholine esterase inhibitor (try saying that five times fast). It works in much the same way as galantamine, creating better focus, better memory and more REM sleep. These all spark up your dream life and create a better likelihood of lucid dreams. It is found in DreamLeaf.

If you're going to work with supplements to accelerate your lucid dream quest, I am fully supportive. Just remember that lucid dreaming supplements shouldn't be used night-in-night-out.

However, in the right dose they will produce longer, more intense dreams in which you are more aware. Combined with your lucid dreaming training, this makes dream control all the more likely to occur.

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