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We're lucky enough to receive a whole lot of emails from people who are passionate about lucid dreaming. However, there are so many that it's no longer realistic for us to respond to all of them.

Please feel free to drop us a line, knowing that your email will eventually be read by one of us. Having said that, if you're asking a question and really want a response, we urge you to post it in our Lucid Dreaming Forum.

We also love it when people share our content and write to us on Facebook, even if we don't reply or hit like on every comment (that would be favoritism, right?) We are there, monitoring the page ourselves. And we are watching.

Not at all creepy.

Did You Know?

We have a Lucid Dreaming FAQ which might well answer your question.

We have an interview with Rebecca Turner which you are free to re-publish in your magazine, blog or school project.

We have a page detailing our advertising terms for clients who wish to sponsor our site.

How Can I Support World of Lucid Dreaming?

It helps us tremendously if you share your favorite WOLD articles on social media. (That reminds me - did you know we're also on Twitter and YouTube?)

Tell your friends and family about lucid dreaming and have them look us up too. Tell your neighbors, your teachers, your hamsters and your elderly grandmothers.

Tell everyone you're learning to lucid dream with WOLD. We provide 300+ free articles on this immersive subject and we love it when more people discover the reality of lucid dreaming.

Can I Republish Your Article on My Website?

Yes! Copyright is a tricky thing, especially when the content is your livelihood.

However, we're happy for you to re-publish one article from WOLD as long as you:

  • Display the author name directly under the headline
  • Display a live, do-follow source link at the top of the article body

Translations are welcome and should adhere to these rules.

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