10 Steps to Lucid Dreams

Step #3: The Lucid Dreamer's Brain Hack


What's the simplest way for a beginner to become lucid in their dreams?

It's to spontaneously realize that you're dreaming.

You might be having tea and crumpets with David Hasselhoff, when a fleet of flying pigs begin circling overhead. The sky turns purple and cracks in two, as The Hoff suddenly looks like your mother. "Oh my God. This isn't real! I'm DREAMING!"

With this mind-bending revelation, all the elements of the dream snap into focus. It becomes as vivid as the reality you perceive right now.

This clarity of mind allows you to decide what happens next...

Will you run at extreme speeds and explore the landscape beyond the horizon?

Will you start making out with The Hoff? (Ugh... just kidding.)

Will you manifest a mighty banquet and feast yourself on extravagant foods?

Will you shout out to the dream: "Show me my life in 20 years!"

Now you're lucid dreaming - and taking full advantage of the dream control that it brings.

How Does This Realization Come About?

So far, you've had thousands of dreams which you just accepted as reality.

It wasn't until you woke up that you realized you were dreaming all along.

So how do you create this in-dream trigger?

It's with a simple brain hack known as a "reality check".

"What is real? If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

~ Morpheus, The Matrix

When you dream, your brain simulates electrical impulses that give you a sense of an artificial reality; an inner world which only you can perceive.

You may be walking barefoot through a park, listening to birdsong, feeling the sun on your skin. Out of context, it is hard to tell whether you’re awake or dreaming, because both dreams and reality can deliver the same type of experience to your brain.

We are so distracted (indeed, our minds are asleep) that even when something bizarre happens in a dream, we sleep right through it! We don't stop and apply waking logic.

Reality checks enable us to consciously "think" in our dreams. In doing do, we become lucid and the conscious brain takes over.

What are Reality Checks?

A reality check is an attempt to perform an impossible action, like trying to push your hand through a desk. If you do this in reality, this proves you are awake. No surprise there.

However, in dreams, the impossible can happen... and so when you try to push your hand through the desk, it can slide right though. It offers proof that you are dreaming.

Try to do it right now (seriously).

As you do this, ask yourself: "Am I dreaming?"

Ok great. You've just done your first reality check. It took all of 10 seconds.

From now on, I want you to perform 10-20 reality checks spread out through every day. Try to push your fingers through the desk, wall, or the palm of your other hand, imagining how it would look and feel if you actually managed to do it. All the while, ask yourself: "Is this a dream?"


Your daily reality checks are going to feed into your dreams very soon.

You'll be fighting off Satan's minions with a tiny pencil when suddenly you'll wonder if this could all be a dream. The first thing you'll do is your reality check.

It will provide absolute confirmation that you are dreaming. You will become instantly lucid.

Start right now - check your reality. Do it again in another hour. Don't let up.

I'll be in touch soon with your next lucid dreaming tutorial.

Best wishes



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