10 Steps to Lucid Dreams

Step #8: A Lucidity Technique with Immediate Results


In our last lesson we looked at lucid dream supplements. Now here's a really easy lucid dreaming technique to try in combination with them.

It's called the Wake-Back-to-Bed Technique (WBTB).

This can work from day one, which is why so many beginners love it. You can perform WBTB every morning or just on weekends to fit your work schedule:

  1. Go to bed as normal and sleep for around six hours. Set your alarm clock or have another early riser wake you up.
  2. Get out of bed and become fully alert. Write in your dream journal, read a good book about lucid dreaming, or otherwise occupy your mind with something dream-related.
  3. After 20-60 minutes, go back to bed and relax. Take your lucid dreaming supplement now if you have one. Perform the full relaxation technique, and visualize your desired lucid dreamscape in detail. This is also an excellent time to listen to a brainwave meditation.

That's it!

The Wake-Back-to-Bed technique will significantly increase your chances of having lucid dreams during your remaining sleep cycles. Best of all... you can sleep in as long as you like.

So How Does WBTB Work?

It's simple and effective. The technique manipulates your sleep cycles around a crucial time of increased REM sleep. This is when your most vivid dreams occur.

Your premature awakening tricks the body into thinking it will be REM-deprived. How sneaky of you... When given the chance to return to sleep, your brain will dive straight into long periods of REM sleep, lapping up the "bonus" REM time essential to healthy brain function.

It really helps to spend the alert-time thinking and reading about lucid dreaming. This conscious focus can carry on into the dream world; a reminder that you're dreaming.

The Hidden Bonus of WBTB

What's more, when practiced over time, you'll teach your brain to release its "wake up" hormones after six hours of sleep. So even on the days you don't practice WBTB, your conscious mind will start to rouse when you are still enjoying blissful REM sleep. This creates even more opportunities for lucid dreams...

Best wishes



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