How to Have Lucid Dreams with Subliminal Messages

There are an astonishing number of ways to induce lucid dreams. Yet they all have one thing in common: programing the unconscious to recognize the dream state.

When you think about the lucid dream techniques discussed on this site (meditation, self hypnosis, lucid dream incubation, reality checks, dream journaling) that underlying mechanism soon becomes obvious. And another compelling way to tap into it is with subliminal messages.

Like hypnosis, subliminal messages are direct instructions given to the unconscious mind. There is no mental trickery or hocus pocus going on - this is a scientific method; indeed, numerous scientific studies have proven the validity of subliminals.

Subliminal Science Experiments

In 1986 the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease published a piece of research on subliminals and dreams. Two groups of people listened to the same music track - one overlaid with subliminal messages. Subjects were then asked to draw random pictures that came to mind, as well as any dreams from the previous night.

The study found that, when asked to draw pictures of their dreams from the previous night, the control group drew random images, hitting on the correct random image only 10% of the time. Yet the experimental group who had listened to subliminal messages consistently drew images that had been pre-programmed into their unconscious.

The group that listened to subliminals drew pictures that were closely related to the "silent" commands given before. The control group drew random images, which proved there was no other influence. The researches concluded: "the unconscious / subconscious mind is able to perceive a recorded verbal message that cannot be consciously heard" - thereby proving the existence of subliminal perception.

In a similar study, experimental and control groups were asked to guess a random three-digit number. The experimental group was exposed to the number subliminally embedded in pink noise (similar to white noise).

In three different trials an average of 77% of people exposed to the subliminal numbers guessed correctly, in comparison to only 10% of people in the control groups who weren't exposed to the numbers. This again confirms that subliminal messages can be reliably perceived at an unconscious level.

Both studies provide impressive scientific evidence that subliminal messages are perceived at an unconscious level - and, indeed, that they only have to be exposed to people once for them to have an effect on human behavior.

Subliminal Messages to Boost Lucid Dreaming

There are a number of subliminal prompts you can use to increase your chances of having a lucid dream.

One of the most popular pages on this website is our free subliminal video to induce lucid dreams. It was made by my partner Pete who, besides being a professional graphic designer, is a lucid dreamer and student of psychology, hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The videos have proven very effective for some people, causing them to have vivid and more memorable dreams.

About The Author

About the author

Rebecca Turner is the founder of World of Lucid Dreaming. She is currently studying for a science degree in Auckland and becoming famous as a science writer. Try our free lucid dreaming course and connect with the team on Facebook and the lucid dream forum.