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What if I Don't Remember My Dreams?

by Dina via Email

What would you recommend to someone who doesn't even remember their regular dreams, let alone lucid ones?

Rebecca Turner

Rebecca says: Learn how to remember your dreams before attempting any lucid dream techniques. Improving your dream recall is quite easy if you set your mind to it. Start a dream journal and write down any snippets you can remember - as soon as you wake up. This may mean writing down tid bits in the middle of the night. However, our longest REM cycles occur in the two hours prior to waking up. So you're more likely to remember dreams and have lucid dreams just before waking up in the morning. Check out this article on Keeping a Dream Journal.

You may also want to try some Self Guided Meditation and visualizations to improve your self awareness, and create your own mantra as you fall asleep, such as "I remember my dreams." Talk about your dreams with friends, teaching your unconscious that remembering dreams is important to you.

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About the author

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